We currently are accepting applications for our 2022 seasonal positions. Please submit an application if interested. Thank you!

Working at Colorado Trails Ranch

Beautiful mountain scenery, hard work, and fun are just a few of the elements that our guest ranch crew experience every summer. If you have a ready smile, are willing to work hard, love the outdoors and enjoy working with people, we may have a job for you.

CTR is a full service guest ranch located 12 miles northeast of Durango, Colorado. We have been in operation since 1960, and have a tradition of treating our guests not as customers but as members of our ranch family. As an employee of our ranch, you will become an extension of our family. We strive for excellence and the best service in the industry. We look for these same qualities in our staff. If you are willing to make this commitment, we invite you to submit your application.

What We Expect from You

We expect our staff to work very hard with lots of enthusiasm and the desire to get the job done right the first time, and we want our employees to have fun. During your free time, we encourage you to participate in ranch activities such as riding, fishing, rafting, hiking, swimming, etc. Please remember, working at a guest ranch is not a summer vacation – it can be strenuous, physical work requiring long hours.

Our staff is very important to us – and to the success of the ranch.

All working members of the Colorado Trails Ranch community have the same goals in mind.

    • To work together as a unified team.
    • To provide the best vacation experience possible for our guests.

Working together and living together on a 24 hours basis is not always easy.

This type of communal living requires that certain policies be observed out of respect for fellow employees. You are living and working at our home; therefore, we expect you to abide by our guidelines, which are included in Colorado Trails Ranch Policies and Procedures.


Our peak guest season is June 5th through August 6th 2022. Most staff will arrive May 8th to help get the ranch ready. We will be operating as an a la carte guest ranch with cabin rentals, day rides and activities beginning after peak season in August and going until the end of October. Some positions will be for the peak season and some until October 31st.

Staff Housing and Meals

CTR provides housing and meals at no cost to our staff members. We have male and female buildings (built in 2015) with shared 2 person bedrooms. Some staff may have a room to themselves but it is not guaranteed. There are a limited number of private apartments for either senior staff or a couple. During peak season, staff members eat all of their meals with the guests unless they are involved in preparation or service of that meal. When dining with the guests, you must be on time for meals and dressed appropriately, paying special attention to your table manners and conversation at all times. During the a la carte season, meals may be more of a grab and go version. For those starting before May 8th or staying after September, you will have access to a communal kitchen for your own meal preparation.


Applicants must be at least 18 year of age and show proof of citizenship or immigration status. Some positions require applicants to be 21.

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