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Art Week

2017 Dates:  September 10th – September 17th

Art lovers looking for great vacation idea will love our special Art & Color Clinic week. These art workshops are held from September 10th-17th. This is an adults-only week here on the dude ranch, which focuses on helping guests learn more about art. Everything from drawing to painting is taught by an exceptionally talented artist.

Everyone finds that a week spent on our guest ranch in the San Juan Mountains a moving, even life changing experience. For artistically inclined people around the world, the countryside surrounding Colorado Trails Ranch is an inspiration that helps artists, both novice and accomplished, to better their skills.

September weather paints a brilliant landscape here.

In choosing this early autumn date for our art workshop week, the panoramic scenery around the dude ranch intensifies with our fall colors. The depth of the looming mountains, green pines, stunning blue Colorado skies, turning leaves and wildflowers give artistic guests much to paint and draw.

Mixing creativity with the great outdoors.

Pat Fullerton, your instructor during this week, is an art teacher with over 50 years experience. The supplies during the Art & Color Clinic are all provided by the Colorado Trails Ranch.

This week offers our artistic guests a lot more in the way of fun that the art workshop’s lessons and challenges. As with all of our all inclusive vacations, you’ll also be able to enjoy horseback riding, hiking, fishing and many more fun activities. Improving your skills at drawing and painting gets much easier with personal time for relaxing and adventure.

To learn more about these unique vacation ideas for budding or accomplished artists, you’ll find more details about our Art & Color Week art workshops by clicking the button below. Have a small group interested in art? There is always a possibility we could set up an art week for a different week during the summer to accommodate your group. Give us a call to explore your options.