Dude Ranch Salad

Our Chef

The Man Behind Our Fabulous Food

It isn’t any accident that every meal you will enjoy at Colorado Trails Ranch will be absolutely scrumptious. Our chef, Brian McCormack, has won awards in the culinary arts, and you’ll soon see why.

Born and raised in the Washington DC metro area exposed Brian McCormack to a wide range of cultures and cuisines at an early age. So it isn’t really surprising that he can so adeptly whip up meals of delectable dishes you might never have even heard of before. One thing is certain, you’ll enjoy every bite.

He didn’t begin his adult career as an accomplished chef though. Brian’s first role in the hospitality field was as a bus boy at Arizona’s Prescott Resort and Conference Center. That was in 1988. After arrival, he was quickly cross trained in room service and bartending.

Brian enjoyed working in hospitality and the front of the house, but in 1992 felt drawn to what was happening in the back of the house. His first kitchen employment was in a seaside restaurant in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It didn’t take long for him to discover a love for cooking, and get started on his formal education. By 1995, he graduated from the prestigious Johnson and Wales University, with an associate degree in Culinary Arts.

Brian’s Accomplishments and Interests

Over the years his kitchen experience has included casual restaurants, fine dining, hotels and catering. Additionally, several overseas adventures expanded his culinary style. Next, catering caught his interest, due to the endless variety of dishes served and event locations. This led Brian to purchase a small catering company in Albuquerque, in 1999. His skills were served up at a wide range of events, including small intimate private gatherings, corporate, weddings, and film and specializing in backstage catering at major concert venues. The company grew, and Brian sold it to a competitor in 2005.

Since the sale of his business, Brian has pursued outside interests such as learning website design, studying holistic health and nutrition, mountain biking, hiking and traveling. These new discoveries didn’t interrupt using his talents. He continued to cook in New Mexico, Washington DC, Arizona and Colorado. Recent experience includes cooking for high end hunting camps in remote locations using Dutch ovens in open fires and most recently being the ranch chef at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch.

We’re quite delighted to have Brian McCormack and his sensational culinary talents. We’re also quite certain, you’ll be ecstatic over his work when you visit us. A week of Brian’s cooking is never quite enough.

Chef Brian