Kids & Teens

An Adventure Their Own Size

You’ll be delighted to know that none of the youngsters in your family will be bored on this vacation. Colorado Trails Ranch offers kid-friendly vacations that are fun for all of you. On our guest ranch, your vacation activities aren’t just centered on your kids, while neglecting your own need to relax and have fun. Here, kids and adults can enjoy their own level of adventure. Competent counselors see to the kids’ needs while the parents are off hiking, horseback riding or fishing.

On this trip, all kids have a grand time exploring the great outdoors and connecting with nature. Yes, even your sulky teenager. Once they arrive and begin their own adventure with other kids their age, they’ll be so busy having fun and spending time with the family, the complaining evaporates. When it’s time to go home again, teenagers are always the saddest, the ones with the biggest tears. Just bring them along, and you can watch this amazing transformation we’ve been witnessing for decades.

The kids’ and teens’ programs are geared to small groups per counselor and ages are divided into similar maturity and skill levels, much as are used at school. This allows youngsters to really enjoy making new friends and all their group’s activities.

They’ll have a blast on safe adventures.

At the same time, your children will be learning new skills too. Depending on their ages, your kids will be busy swimming, hiking, horseback riding, power tubing, fishing, riflery and archery. The younger kids always love the scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, the dude ranch petting zoo, and riding lessons.

Not only will they be perfectly safe and happy in the care of energetic, experienced staff, the friendships they’ll be forming can last a lifetime. It’s all part of the family atmosphere and true community environment you’ll find here at Colorado Trails Ranch.

While you’re perfectly welcome to spend an afternoon with your child doing what they’re group is involved in that day – you won’t feel the least bit guilty about heading off to spend some time with your spouse or reconnecting with yourself. They won’t realize you’re gone, you’ll get the relaxation you need and family time at the next meal will be enriched for all of your experiences.

To learn what activities await our dude ranch guests in your children’s age groups, visit the following pages for details.