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Ranch Evenings

Every night is full of fun for guests of any age.

After a big day of peer group activities at Colorado Trails Ranch, this is the time that families come back together. Many of our evening events are just right for both kids and adults to truly enjoy.

Nighttime activities for the entire family include an evening of Western dancing in the Opera House. There’s a lot of laughter from kids and adults alike as they learn the footwork for square and line dancing.

Everyone enjoys ice cream social night, going on hayrides and cowboy campfire sing-a-longs. One night is always reserved for wood-fired cookout serving up beef tenderloin, chicken breast and all the fixings to be enjoyed under a magnificent Colorado sky.

Naturally, some forms of evening entertainment will depend on the time of year you visit the dude ranch and upon the weather conditions. Campfires are not much fun if it happens to rain.

A special night out for adults… and kids.

Even on family adventure vacations, parents need a little time for some romance. All of our adult guests are treated to a candlelight dinner. While you enjoy a grownup evening, the staff will be caring for your children and entertaining them. Their evening will be spent around a campfire, and possibly an overnight camping trip. Not all Buckaroos are ready for a whole night away from Mom.

It just so happens that there is an excellent show at the Durango Melodrama in town. This entertainment experience is a real delight, and you will have the opportunity to attend this fun event. There is an additional charge for this nighttime excursion, but well worth the expense! To learn more about the theatre and shows, visit www.DurangoMelodrama.com.

While we always have some event scheduled for the nights you are staying at Colorado Trails Ranch, sometimes it’s nice to spend a little quiet time at your cabin. You are perfectly welcome to do so – the choice is yours. As our guest, we always allow everyone the decision of what they want to do during their time here. This makes an all inclusive vacation on our dude ranch that much more enjoyable and relaxing.