Guest Experience

Many of our guests arrive here not knowing what to expect from a dude ranch vacation. The guest experience at Colorado Trails Ranch features ageless fun and adventure – for families, couples, and singles. No matter where your interests lie, there are activities here enjoyed by everyone, from children to grandparents. If you’re looking for an exciting and relaxing Colorado vacation, this is the place to visit.

You’ll feel comfortable and at ease once you’ve met the friendly staff and seen your cozy cabin with its stunning views. The delicious home cooked meals with menus like ribs, fresh baked bread, grilled veggies, salad, and fresh baked desserts, make Colorado Trails Ranch a home away from home. One dude ranch vacation favorite for capping off a fun day is a visit to the ranch’s Soda Fountain. Enjoying old-fashioned milkshakes and other ice cream goodies is an ageless treat.

After a great meal and full day of activities, you may find it inviting to stretch out on your cabin porch or visit with other guests. The views here will take even the most seasoned traveler’s breath away. The mountains loom around guests so that they truly feel as if they are the only people in the world. This is a chance to get away from the fast-paced real world to experience something extraordinary.

Relaxing and getting away from it all doesn’t mean sitting around all day. You need to have fun! On adventure vacations here, every guest will be having a grand time horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and fishing – along with other outdoor activities. The fun doesn’t end with the setting sun, there are always evening events for our guests. Nighttime activities include hayrides, Western dancing, campfires and much more.

Colorado Trails Ranch knows that the best vacations allow each member of your family time being themselves, as well as a family unit. Our summer programs for kids and teens are divided into peer groups to provide each youngster with the right amount of adventure to keep them happy and having fun with enthusiastic, safety conscious counselors. While you’re welcome to participate in your kids’ day, this gives adults the opportunity to totally enjoy their vacations too.

You’ll find the service is exceptional during your stay at Colorado Trails Ranch with our 2-to-1 guest to staff ratio. The ranch’s capacity is 55 guests, which makes it never crowded, and always easy to feel like you too are a welcome addition to our family. During your week on our guest ranch, you’ll all easily form new friendships with both staff and other guests that can last a lifetime.

With a friendly staff, cozy accommodations, and few distractions, family bonds and personal relationships grow stronger. This is more than a holiday or adventure vacation. Instead, this is a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll have many fond memories to cherish forever.