Dude Ranch Teen’s Program

… Ages 13 – 17

Here at dude ranch, Colorado, awaits your most excellent adventure yet.  The sound of vacationing with family may not sound like a great time, but you haven’t even gotten here yet! We have yet to meet a dude or dudette who hasn’t left our guest ranch resort, eager to know when they’re coming back again.

Instead of following mom, dad and your little brother around all day, on your own teen program you won’t feel like you’re on family ranch vacations at all. Your Colorado Trails dude ranch teen program activities will be anything but boring. We allow you the freedom to enjoy so many exciting things – you’ll be too busy having a blast to worry where your parents are. On the best guest ranch, Durango has to offer – you’ll have the time of your life and meet some great kids from around the country.

We guarantee you won’t be wishing you’d stayed home, not from the moment your dad pulls into our Western dude ranch parking lot. Horseback riding vacations might sound like the last thing you want to do this summer, but only because you have yet to experience the totally awesome feeling of that amazing animal beneath you at a gallop. Don’t worry about never having been on a horse before; the dude ranch teen program offered at Colorado Trails will have you confidently racing across the valley in no time at all.

We know you’re groaning at the mere suggestion of fishing vacations. Have you ever wrestled a freaked out trout to shore? It’s a lot more exciting than you know and your dude ranch counselors will make sure to take you to the hottest trout snagging spots around. You know power tubing, flying along the surface of Vallecito Lake sounds cool. You probably won’t think river rafting with your new friends sounds like a bad idea either. You’ll be able to so many morning and afternoon activities just hanging with your fellow dude ranch teen program gang.

Spending an entire week in the great outdoors might not sound like the way you want to spend your summer vacation. Like dude, ranch adventure vacations in the Colorado San Juan Mountains are far out, and you just don’t know what you’re missing out on here. You only think hiking to the highest ridge sounds lame, because you haven’t done it yet. There’s a lot to discover on your own most excellent adventure while on family ranch vacations.

Archery and trap shooting on the rifle range are popular with guests like you enjoying our dude ranch teen’s program.  You’ll always be able to enjoy volleyball, horseshoes and basketball games you can play with your friends. You’ll also get to go on an overnight horseback trip and camp out, cooking your supper over the campfire without a bunch of grownups hanging around.

So, the first thing you need to do now is talk your parents into taking you on family adventure vacations at Colorado Trails Ranch. Once you get them here, you’ll all enjoy the perfect trip with your own idea of dude ranch vacation fun. We promise it will be your most excellent adventure, dude.