Have you ever taken your kids on vacation and found the entire trip was a problem? You are about to discover the perfect place to take your kids and enjoy an entire week of bliss… for all of you. The dude ranch experience is something your kids have never had. There aren’t roller coasters and huge lines to wait in for hours just to feel that 2 minute thrill. You don’t have to worry about them disappearing, or being lost in a crowd. On a dude ranch vacations you’ll be relaxed not harried, and your kids will always be safe and having more fun than even they can imagine.

Our dude ranch kids programs aren’t the one size fits all kind of thing. There are three distinct age groups with activities to choose from that are perfectly appealing to the kids at each stage of growth. The staff loves their work, and it shows in the happy faces and giggling kids one can witness, anywhere on the guest ranch. Kids love horseback riding and swimming, just as much as they seem to always wind up in the dude ranch ice cream parlor. They are all so busy doing what they want to do, it never occurs to them to be bored. Can you imagine such a scenario?

Dude ranch vacations with your entire family means that each person, child or adult will be allowed to take part in any activity on the guest ranch. You won’t feel guilty about going power tubing or taking a trail trip with a group of new found friends on a 4 hour horseback riding trek. There isn’t anything quite like watching the excitement your son’s or daughter’s face as they catch their first fish in the Florida River. They will be so proud to show you how much they have learned about handling a horse and painting faces, while you were off on your own adventure.

Kids have such short attention spans, and our dude ranch kids program is ready and waiting for this constantly changing focus. Young kids through teenagers all instantly gravitate to the ruckus room on the Colorado Trails guest ranch. Foosball, pool and other games are just right for their idea of fun. The older kids and teens have a blast practicing trap shooting and playing basketball. They think that helping make the breakfast pancakes on a cookout fire is the coolest thing ever, almost as much fun as eating them.

The only place you can arrive with your kids and spouse for breakfast outdoors, by horseback riding to the cookout, is on a dude ranch adventure vacation. While you may think that a trip to town will be the best part of every day. There is so much for you and the kids to do, that hardly any guests on the dude ranch find a reason to venture into Durango. None of the things they can do on the guest ranch will be found after the week is over, unless you decide to come back in a year or two.

All inclusive family vacations on a guest ranch have the perfect programs and exciting activities for everyone aged 1 through seniors. It’s what dude ranch people do, provide the best things to do, serve up delicious food and let you all relax and enjoy yourself immensely.