Many people are very curious when it comes to the activities and adventures that await them at a guest ranch resort. There are many different activities available for those brave souls and those people just wanting to kick their feet up and relax the week away. Guests at our dude ranch will find many relaxing, interesting things to do some of which you may have never considered doing before arrival! Whether you want to spend your afternoons soaking up the sun or learning how to take part in our cattle drives, there is something for everyone.

All of our guests are excited to be here, and take the time to enjoy their vacation. Come in for some delicious food, and forget worrying about the dishes. Let the week unfold itself, and marvel in all the new activities you have mastered by the time you leave. Perhaps you would like to try your hand at horseback riding. Suppose you discover the beautiful lakes and streams with one of our signature choices for fly fishing vacations?

Whatever you decide to do, rest assured the memories will be far grander than you could ever have imagined. Staff here at Colorado Trails Ranch is more than happy to teach the most inexperienced guests the tips and techniques that can land the best fish. So you can rest assured even novices at the guest ranch can learn all there is to discover about snagging trout. The staff here is part of an extended family; they are content, friendly and excited to help you get the most out of your vacation. If your job meant you spent your days on exciting horseback riding – fly fishing vacations, wouldn’t you be happy about being at work too?

Discover the difference the countryside makes, the moment you pull into our lot on Sunday. It won’t take you long to discover the beauty and atmosphere, as we are an 11 mile drive from a town. The dude ranch is one of the unique experiences around, situated on the edge of San Juan National Forest with 450 acres of private land perfect for peaceful hiking and horseback riding vacations surrounded by the stunning landscape. Spend your afternoon fishing in the 2 miles of secluded river located right on the property. The views of scenic landscapes create an oasis and calming your mind with the stunning sights.

While you’re here at our Durango dude ranch, enjoy some of the creations thought up by our personal chef! There will be something to please everyone. From homemade breads to the delectable desserts and everything in between, something can be found to please even the pickiest of eaters. Enjoy morning coffee or tea with your complimentary guest ranch WIFI access available to everyone in the ranch loft lodge. Spend some time getting to know the other guests staying at the dude ranch, trying to live the same adventure you and your family are there to have. With a friendly atmosphere, it’s easy to talk freely among not only the guests, but the employees and staff members as well.

Aside from fishing and riding, there are many other activities to enjoy. Practice your hand at archery or trap fishing, spend time in the ruckus room playing a friendly game of pool, or try your luck white water rafting down the river. These are just some of the many activities offered to our guests at this Colorado dude ranch resort. The fun doesn’t stop during the day either! Nighttime activities include Western dancing in the private Opera Hall, live music at campfires, hay rides, and many others. Why not investigate your culinary ability at cooking over an open fire one evening? Get ready for the adventure of your life, and you will be happy you came to experience dude ranch vacations at the Colorado Trails guest ranch resort.