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What to pack when going on a Dude Ranch Vacation?

A dude ranch is one of those horseback riding vacations you and your kids will love. However, today’s ranches aren’t all about the horses. If you’re looking for an adventure vacation, hiking vacations, white water rafting, and other activities are sure to be on the schedule.

To make the most of one of these all inclusive family vacations, you have to bring the right clothing with you. Even in summertime weather conditions can change dramatically from one day to the next. Here are some ideas to make your stay at a dude ranch more comfortable.

First, think “layers.” Also, think “machine wash and dry.” A morning ride up the trail can be on the cool side, so wearing a T-shirt, a cotton-blend long-sleeved shirt, and a light fleece jacket would work well. As the sun and the temperature rise, remove one layer at a time until you’re comfortable. This strategy works just as well for hiking vacations and other outdoor activities. Once everyone is back relaxing after the day’s activities, collect the clothing worn that day and toss them in the washer. A dude ranch will have complimentary laundry facilities for its guests.

An adventure vacation that includes white water rafting requires a slight change in materials. It might be high summer here but those snowfed streams and rivers can still be cold in July. When packing for an adventure that includes water activities like river rafting, use the same layering strategy but include a few warmer items such as thicker socks and a summerweight sweaters, light sweatshirts or fall jackets. Renting a wetsuit or splash jacket might be better planning, and something you’ll appreciate if you ever get dunked or thoroughly sprayed by that chilly water.

Horseback riding vacations, hiking vacations, and white water rafting all require different kinds of footwear. At our ranch, all riders are required to wear smooth-soled boots. If you don’t have those along, we have a supply of boots you can borrow. On the other hand, if you’re hiking, you have a few more options including sneakers for a light day hike on a level trail or boots with lug soles that come up over the ankles for more challenging trails. If you’re canoeing or rafting, you might get by with sneakers with good treads. Otherwise, bring some of the popular water shoes now on the market. Flip-flops are fine when you’re sitting down relaxing. They are not safe in a watercraft.

These few tips will make packing for an adventure vacation easy while covering all the bases.

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