It is pretty quiet at Colorado Trails during our off season, but don’t get the idea that the full time staff is on hiatus. We’re definitely not on vacation. There is plenty of action taking place at the dude ranch. It’s a lot of work getting ready for next summer’s all inclusive family vacations, not to mention taking care of our horses and the petting zoo animals on a daily basis.

Preparation for next summer’s visitors to our guest ranch actually starts long before Christmas. It take a whole lot of planning to keep this place humming along in such top notch fashion. Organization and orchestration are definitely required, so Mike and Jeanne are busy getting ready for next summer. The process starts fun within weeks of our last visitors departure in September.

Our chef, Brian, isn’t technically on-staff in the winter. After all, the only people around here right now that need feeding, can fend for themselves. This winter Brian has been working on some projects though, like shampooing the carpets in all our cozy cabins. It’s not something he can start and finish without interruption, the weather has to cooperate. He’s also busy fixing up a place to live here on the dude ranch over the summer.

The Guest Ranch staff doesn't rest, that's for sure!Mike is Colorado Trails’ head of maintenance, so his to-do list is always full. This winter he is working on building new Trex decks for the Office, Trading Post, Ruckus Room, Opera House and Blacksmith Shop, and a nice new walkway from the Trading Post to the Opera House.

Jeanne, being the dude ranch manager, has the task of hiring next summer’s staff. This means checking references on a boatload of employment applications and interviewing new applicants. Since most of our summer staff are college students, only occasionally are we graced with someone for more than one summer. Not that they can’t stand it here. Quite the opposite! College is all about new discoveries and experiences. A summer spent working on our Colorado dude ranch is an adventure that leaves them with fond memories, but new horizons beckon. So every season our staff is a new set of faces and personalities. We enjoy them all.

What goes on at Colorado Dude Ranch off season?As a team, we’ve been working on other ranch improvements too. The water and sewer lines down Cabin Road here on the guest ranch have been replaced. Now we’re waiting on the power company to arrive to upgrade and bury the power lines the full length of the road too. They should be here to do this work in the next few weeks. Improving the utilities to our guest cabins is the first step in increasing space for you to enjoy our all inclusive family vacations. We’ve got plans to start building some new cabins next fall. That will give us more space to fit anyone’s accommodation needs.

It may be the dead of winter, but we’re never without something to do at Colorado Trails Ranch.