196o was a heck of a year. In January, John F. Kennedy announced he was a candidate for the election of the 35th President of the United States of America. In March, Elvis Presley returned home after 2 years of being stationed in Germany, and the Vietnam War began. In May, President Eisenhower signed The Civil Rights Act into Law. The Cold War was in full swing. In July, a sit-in at a lunch counter in Greensboro, NC sparked battle against segregation in the South. In September, Cassius Clay won the Olympic Gold Medal for light-heavyweight boxing; the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series in a 10-9 game against the Yankees. In November, John F. Kennedy won the presidential election in a close race against Richard Nixon.

And in Durango, Colorado, Colorado Trails Dude Ranch begins its inaugural season.

Some Things Don’t Change

We’ve witnessed many changes in the past fifty years, but the basic principles behind the all inclusive family vacations at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch haven’t changed at all. We still invite our guest ranch visitors to enjoy themselves with horseback riding, white water rafting, and enjoying the great outdoors in our beautiful mountain setting. We still offer adventure vacations of a caliber that are hard to find anywhere else. All in all, we still make Colorado vacations for guests at the ranch eventful weeks they will remember forever.

If you want to know more about how horseback riding, white water rafting, fly fishing, and camping at our dude ranch has evolved over the years, and how it’s stayed the same, just ask our General Manager, Jeanne Ross. Jeanne has been around since 1966, filling a multitude of roles, from housekeeping to kids’ counselor. She’s the only “ranch hands” who’s been around through five decades, an eye witness to the gradual evolution of Colorado Trails Dude Ranch.

Keeping Up with the Times

All the best things about our dude ranch have stayed the same in the past fifty seasons, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t kept up with the changing times – especially our world’s rapidly evolving technology.

Our new cutting-edge website is a testament to our ability to keep our guest ranch current. We wanted our superior packages for Colorado vacations and all inclusive family vacations to be easy to research, and easy to book. For these reasons, you’ll find that the new Colorado Trails website is easy to navigate. Additionally, it contains plenty of useful information about our adventure vacations and special events, and an easy-to-use reservation form at the bottom of every web page.

In fifty years, we’ve always tried to improve our guests’ experiences on the ranch, and now our new website will improve their experience from home. We look forward to having you visit us in both Durango and cyberspace, and we welcome your comments and feedback about our new website and booking form.