While the rest of Colorado has been busy this winter enjoying the snow and the winter sports our state is famous for, we at Colorado Trails have busied ourselves getting our guest ranch prepared for warmer weather. You can read our previous post about the installation this winter of our new pool, new whirlpool and water system.

Another major project this winter has been the construction of two new cabins. These cabins are being built to replace two of our older cabins that were ready for upgrades.

Perfect Accommodations for a Dude Ranch Vacation

Of our two new cabins, one has a spacious living area that connects the four bedrooms. This cabin will be a great choice for extended families or two families that are traveling together.

The other new cabin is a duplex building of the same size as the above cabin. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, but has two smaller living rooms, one for each two bedrooms. These are perfect for two separate families.

Both cabins have large covered porches and feature a private bathroom for each bedroom. Additionally, each of the new cabins will be served by tankless water heaters. These tankless heaters essentially mean that no one will ever run out of hot water. There will be no need for families to debate over who should shower when; everyone can shower whenever they’re ready, without having to worry about using up all of the cabin’s hot water.

The two new cabins are also priced affordably; they are only $100 more per person, per week than our Country cabins.

All Inclusive Family Vacations Should Include Great Accommodations at a Great Price

At Colorado Trails, we recognize that horseback riding, hiking, fishing and other outdoor adventures are only enjoyable when our guests know they will have a comfortable place to unwind at night. That’s why working on these two cabins has been such an important project to us.

Furthermore, we also recognize that, even though the economy has certainly improved from where it was a few years ago, many families are still in a tight spot with finances. For that reason, we’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be keeping our rates at the same 50th Anniversary special prices we offered for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. We invite families from all over the country to enjoy an exciting visit to Colorado Trails at a price that’s affordable for everyone and includes not only the accommodations and meals, but virtually all the activities and the gratuity as well.