When you are spending the afternoon by the heated pool at our Colorado dude ranch, you may think there is nothing exciting to do. To prove many activities can be incredibly amusing things to do at the pool, we have created a list of the top five fun things to do while sitting around the pool side on guest ranch resort vacations here in Durango.

1) Sun Ray Screening: We all know it’s important to cover up while in the sun, especially while you’re in and out of the pool at our San Juan Mountains guest ranch. While you should continue to do this, you can still have a ton of fun after your sunscreen has been applied. Go ahead and have some fun with it – take that bottle of sunscreen and draw a funny face on your dads back while he gets a suntan. Everyone knows he suits the polka dot style; help him see it too after a couple of hours on the edge of the dude ranch pool.

2) Pool Jousting: When you and your brother disagree on something, there is no better way to settle the score than a shoulder fight while on dude ranch vacations. To have a fight, you simply climb onto someone’s shoulders in the pool, and have your brother do the same. Once you are both on top of your “pool horses” chose another dude ranch guest on the pool deck to shout, ‘Giddy-up go!’ First one jousted from your steed into the water admits defeat… or tries to settle the matter with the best two out of three. There you have it; watery jousting sport just like was knights practiced in Medieval times, without any lances or other harmful implements involved. A refreshing way to settle a score, or just have a great time with pool things to do.

3) Marko Polo: Should things become too quiet while at the pool on dude ranch vacations, you will commonly hear the guests shouting, ‘Marko!” and ‘Polo!‘. For any ranch guests wanting to join in the fun, the game is pretty simple. One person is ‘It’ and closes their eyes in the water. The other dude ranch pool players  must try to escape from the ‘It’ person, normally staying within the water. The ‘It’ person shouts out ‘Marko!” and waits for the ‘Polo!‘ reply. The other players in the pool then shout ‘Polo!‘’, and try to swim … or run away.

4) Volleyball: Everyone loves a great game of volleyball. Starting up a lively game in the dude ranch pool is a great way to have fun with other guests and your family, all at once.  Not only is volleyball a great way to be active, but spending the afternoon playing fun, boisterous games with your kids is a fantastic way to bond. All inclusive family vacations are all about spending quality time with family and new friends.

5) Cannonball Competition: There is nothing better than jumping in the pool at the dude ranch on a sunny day. Why not see who can make the biggest splash out of all guests enjoying the guest ranch pool,with a cannonball competition. Not only can this be a fantastic way to have a great time, you can actually be pretty competitive. To really get the competitive spirit going, why not have a prize for the best competitor? There are lots of great prizes in the ranch store any of your new friends at the resort would be thrilled to win.

When you’re done at the heated pool, venture over to the soda fountain right here on the ranch property for a delicious treat? It’s a perfect end to a great day while vacationing at our spectacular Colorado dude ranch.