There's lots of them here at our guest ranch.If you haven’t had the chance to spend a lot of time around horses, they might seem a bit mysterious. Getting comfortable with them can begin before you arrive on our dude ranch on adventurous all inclusive family vacations at Colorado Trails.

Did you know that horses have frogs? Not the kind that croak and hop around. Inside their hoof, the meaty part of the foot is known as the frog. Getting a stone lodged in there is as painful to them as when you step on a sharp rock walking barefoot.

Since their most effective means of protection from predators is to gallop away in an instant burst of impressive speed, a horse has incredible eyesight. They can see things the human eye cannot detect – up to half a mile away. How’s that for being farsighted? If you didn’t know this you might get the idea that horses see ghosts. They don’t, there is something somewhere far out of your range of vision that has caught the animal’s attention.

Their big beautiful eyes are very complex and allow them to see almost 360 degrees without every moving their head. However, they can’t see directly behind their body. So it’s never a good idea to walk up to a horse from behind – here on the dude ranch, or anywhere else. Always make sure the horse can see you before walk up to them; approach the horse at their shoulder for maximum security.

Horses love sweet stuff, but it’s not good for them to eat sugar. There’s plenty of natural treats they love just as much, like carrots, apples and pears and lush green grass. So while on the guest ranch, please don’t feed the horses candy. A big handful of freshly picked grass is fine with them.

Ever hear the phrase that a horse is long in the tooth? It means he’s in sore need of a visit from the vet for a little dental care. As a horse ages, their teeth get longer. In fact, their teeth never stop growing until they reach about 25 years old. This makes it hard for a horse to properly process food, so the vet has to ‘float’ their teeth regularly to allow them to maintain good health.

You’ll learn a lot more fascinating stuff about horses while visiting Colorado Trails. By the time your all inclusive family vacation’s week is over, your knowledge of horses will have increased a great deal. It’s never boring here. You’ll learn a lot and have an excellent time doing so.