Dude ranch vacations have been by enjoyed by men and women of all ages. The excellent rewards of customer service, scenery, and activities they have to offer keep even our staff members coming back year after year. During a stay at our Colorado dude ranch, our staff tends to every need of our guests. For the entire week, each new group of vacationers spends with us; we provide meals, accommodations, activities, and transportation.

Our customer service is so outstanding, that some guests immediately want to know if there are any job openings. Jobs at our Western dude ranch are available for highly motivated, fun, and nature loving men and women. This is an ideal job for anyone who loves the great outdoors and enjoys meeting all sorts of fun, new people. Each day, you will be surrounded by our 450 acres of beautiful scenery and other positive employees, who will become more like family than co-workers, the longer you are employed with us.

As part of our staff, you are provided with meals and lodging throughout your Western dude ranch employment. The staff is required to stay in dormitory style housing and eat each meal with the guests. We find that this daily interactivity creates a stronger bond between our staff and the guests, making it truly feel like family.

We expect each person on our staff to get their work done right the first time, be respectful of your fellow staff and guests, and most important we expect each person on our staff to have fun. While you are not working, you are free to participate in any ranch activities that you wish. But, this job isn’t all fun and games. There’s hard work associated with maintaining a Colorado dude ranch and keeping all the guests happy.

There are several positions that are available at our Durango dude ranch, including openings for kids’ counselors, hiking guides, and horseback riding staff. Each position will put you right in the middle of nature every single so that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the San Juan Mountains surrounding the Colorado Trails guest ranch, in Durango, Colorado.

We are looking for employees to join our team from May 10th to August 29th. During this time, you would be working and living on our dude ranch, so you must be able to follow the guidelines that we have set and respect fellow employees. If you are a naturally positive and pleasant person, you will find that employment here at Colorado Trails Ranch, extremely rewarding.

Each day, you will be able to experience the great outdoors and feel rewarded by a hard day’s work every night. Although you are here for 24 hours a day, that doesn’t mean that it’s nothing but work on this resort. All staff members at dude ranch, Colorado Trails are encouraged to take part in the activities with the guests. We want out dedicated employees to enjoy their stay on our Colorado dude ranch resort vacations. It isn’t hard when you are taking part in ranch-wide vacation fun, as required in the perfect summer un-job.