A lot of people are pretty curious these days about exactly what they can do for a week at a world class dude ranch resort. It isn’t like we will feed you well so you will have the stamina to help us rope and branch calves. As our guest your experience on our guest ranch will be relaxing, rewarding and an awful lot of fun. For the adventurous souls how come to stay, we do have the opportunity for them to take part in an actual cattle drive, but it isn’t for everyone.

Most of our guests are so thrilled to be here and relax, enjoy the food and just go where the adventure into something completely new takes them. They come for horseback riding – fly fishing vacations and go away with memories far bigger and better than they expected to find upon arrival. No one cares if you have never been on a horse or learned the right way to cast a fly. The staff here loves showing each guest on the dude ranch the right way to do anything they want to learn to do. You’ll find all of them (and it’s more than a couple of staffers by far) are the friendliest, happiest bunch of working folks you’ve had the pleasure to meet. Everyone should have this much fun fly fishing and riding horses at work!

From the moment you arrive in the parking lot on Sunday you will know right away that this is not like any other kind of resort. The dude ranch isn’t parked next to a bustling city; it’s an 11 mile drive to town. This is a real guest ranch perched at the edge of the San Juan National Forest that encompasses 450 acres of private land, over 2 miles of private river fishing water and miles of trails for peaceful hiking and horseback riding. Your sense of being surrounded by the wonders of nature will be complete and beautiful at Colorado Trails near historic Durango.

The food is delicious! From the homemade breads though the main course dishes and on through dessert, everyone in your group will be totally satisfied with the menus the dude ranch chef rustles up. Morning coffee and WIFI access is open to all in the ranch lodge loft. Stay in touch and enjoy yourself while you get to know people who are here for the same adventure as you are. You’ll find it very easy to communicate with everyone on the guest ranch from the staff to all the others staying for the week.

There are lots of other daytime activities besides riding and fishing. You can practice trap shooting or archery, go white water rafting on the river or enjoy a friendly game of pool in the ruckus room. That’s just a few of the favorite things our dude ranch guests have to do during their days. Evenings are just as much fun but with a unique guest ranch itinerary, like doing Western dancing in our own private Opera Hall. Campfires with live music, hayrides and dinner cooked on the open fire. You will be happy you came for the all inclusive family vacations experience at Colorado Trails Ranch, departing richer in new friends and with valuable memories that will last a lifetime.