Not everyone has the opportunity to have a horse in their backyard, yet a lot of people would love to learn how to ride. There is something so freeing about loping across a grassy plain or traversing mountains on a well trained horse. The wind in your hair and that power and grace beneath you, horseback riding is nothing short of an excellent experience. You can learn everything you need to know on a guest ranch horseback riding vacation. The best place to learn the proper way to ride a horse is with an experienced wrangler as your instructor.

Part of the magic of riding a horse is found in having a mount whose personality and temperament is matched to yours and also your level of skills. Horseback riding adventure vacations on an organized and experienced dude ranch is the perfect solution for you. You will have the time of your life and shouldn’t be apprehensive about being the only newbie to handling a horse. Only about 10% of dude ranch guests are accomplished riders. The staff will be a joy to spend your days with mastering the art of horseback riding in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You won’t find any horseback riding instructors with uppity airs and cranky personalities on a dude ranch.

It doesn’t matter to the guest ranch staff if you’ve never been on a horse. They are going to stick you in a round corral on a crotchety nag for your entire seven days at the dude ranch. Your horseback riding will quickly progress while you work with nice people getting to know your horse and how to handle him. You’ll be out on the trails and cantering through the valley range in no time at all. Plus you are going to be making friends with other great people who are all on the same horseback riding adventure vacation you are. It will be the greatest experience you have ever had in your life. Dude ranch vacations always create memories to treasure.

The relaxing is easy on a dude ranch vacation. The food is wonderful and the fun never stops. You’ll meet new people from all over the country and find is very easy to get to know them. You won’t want to stop at the horseback riding on a guest ranch adventure vacation. There will be lots of things to do here without ever leaving the ranch property. Trying your hand at fly fishing for trout is fun for everyone when you have an experience angler to show you how this is done. There are always river rafting and power tubing to enjoy along with the campfires with live music and Western dancing in the Opera Hall.

The fun doesn’t stop just because the sun went down on this dude ranch horseback riding vacations. There will be dinner cooked on the open fire and all the guests helping the chef. You’ll be part of an old fashioned ice cream social just like in the days of the Old West. Morning coffee in the guest ranch Lodge Loft is the perfect place to wake up and check your email after a refreshing sleep in the comfy bed of your own mountain cabin accommodations.