Are you looking for all inclusive family vacations that both you and your kids will love? Great, ‘cause we’re ready for you too! At Colorado Trails Ranch, you’re more than just a guest, and will become a part of our ranch family as you take part in exciting daily activities. No matter how old you are, there is so much to do here, you will be hard pressed to do it all. You’ll also have lots of time to spend together, and the perfect vacation fun apart too.

Once you arrive, the staff will take care of cleaning, cooking, and even the kids most of the day. Meanwhile, you’ll be enjoying adult activities such as rifle shooting or archery, or horseback riding and fishing. Whatever you elect to do, it will be twice as much fun when you’re not worried about what the children are up to. Rest assured that they’re being well taken care of in our dude ranch kid’s program counselors.

Your children will take busy horseback riding, swimming, fishing, rafting, arts and crafts, archery, and much more! They will never be bored. At the end of the day, your kids will excitedly fill you in on all the fun they had, and the cool new friends they have. Our staff will supervise each small group in all age groups, to ensure that they are always in a safe and comfortable environment. We have arranged our Durango, Colorado dude ranch programs for youngsters to be somewhat like a summer camp adventure for each little group with their own counselor. A counselor they will have all week.

The dude ranch kid’s program is split into 3 groups, depending on age. The first group is the Buckaroos, which is for 5-8 year olds. The Rough Riders is for the 9-12 year olds. For parents of teenagers ages 13-18 will love knowing that at Colorado Trails, we’ve perfected the activity program to keep these young people busy and having a blast.

We introduce the Buckaroos to all sorts of new and exciting activities. They are surrounded by children their age, so they are never pressured to perform. Under the watchful guidance of our friendly staff, they will always be in a comfortable atmosphere. They can join in on activities such as the scavenger hunts, picnic horseback rides, and western dancing.

The Rough Riders get an activity schedule tailored to their abilities, and what they like to do. Children in this age bracket will participate in activities like riding, rafting, hiking, and hay rides. The children are never pressured to join in on an activity that they are uncomfortable with. We ensure that each child is in their comfort zone.

Your teen may have a little skeptical about dude ranch vacations. But, this program will have them excited to come back for more, even the sulkiest young person exhibits the same transformation, once here and checking out the adventure. Some activities that the teen’s program offers besides horseback riding are archery, an overnight camp out under the Colorado skies, tubing and rifle shooting. During the day, the 3 groups come together so that siblings will be able to hang out together too.

The kid’s programs offered at dude ranch, Colorado Trails, is as spectacular as the scenery. Your child will always be occupied and in our staff’s care. They will meet new friends, create memories, and be excited to come back for more. This leaves you free to enjoy your vacation too. Horseback riding and fishing vacations or river rafting, hiking and power tubing. No one gets bored or has a bad time around here!