Spring has arrived in Durango, CO, meaning that it’s a perfect time to get your colleagues out of the cubicles and into the beautiful San Juan Mountains surrounding Colorado Trails dude ranch. In early April, nights are still crisp and cool, while daytime highs reach into the lower to mid-70s. By May, the weather is even warmer but rarely “hot.” It’s perfect weather for hiking, fishing and horseback riding.

Corporate Retreats – You Bring the Corporate, We Provide the Retreat

At our Colorado dude ranch, we’ve been providing businesses with corporate retreats for decades. As a dedicated guest ranch for over 50 years, we offer excellent accommodations for business groups of 30 people or fewer. From conference rooms to classroom settings, Colorado Trails is nicely equipped.

Your job is to provide the people and the goal. We do just about everything else. We’ll work with your event coordinator to plan the ranch activities suited to meet your team’s goals and needs, as well as organize group outings and provide amazing food.

Business Team Building Activities Like Nowhere Else

At our dude ranch, we don’t have a low ropes course. We don’t keep people indoors all day under buzzing fluorescents talking about imaginary scenarios, either. As a dude ranch, we arrange business team building activities that happen out of doors and even on horseback. That’s right: horseback.

One of our favorite team building activities is a game we like to call “cow soccer.” In cow soccer, your colleagues divide up into two teams. Each team rides horseback and urges a cow towards a particular goal. The cow, in other words, is the soccer ball. Not only does cow soccer provide for plenty of laughs and a lot of fun, it makes colleagues work together creatively in a way they probably haven’t had to do before. There’s nothing quite like a cow to assist a group in understanding that working as a team, strategically moving a mountain with a mind of its own really is possible.

Outdoor Adventures

Meanwhile, we offer plenty of other opportunities for your team to get out and enjoy the fresh air. You can talk to us ahead of time about specific activities you’d like your team to engage in. Options include horseback riding, catch-and-release fly fishing, guided hikes, cookouts and more.

Don’t hesitate to call us to talk to us about what you’d like for your corporate retreat. By the way, we also offer performance incentive vacations for your high-performing employees. For businesses who hold an event here, may we suggest that this special prize is a carrot that will be twice as sweet. It will be the rare person, in any industry, who wouldn’t do just about anything to visit us again. They may tell you it’s just for the food, but it come from much deeper than that.