It isn’t any secret that kids are attracted to water. Just dress them up for something special, and watch the two interact, with mud thrown in for good measure. No one worries much about getting dirty while on dude ranch vacations, it’s all part of having a great time. After all, the only person you need to worry about impressing at Colorado Trails guest ranch is yourself. Your kids will have plenty of contact with water between the swimming pool, river rafting and learning the art of fly fishing.

The majority of our visitors come to our Durango dude ranch looking for quality family time, experiencing an entirely new adventure and having fun while relaxing. The thing that really sets dude ranch vacations at Colorado Trails apart from other activities that are just for fun, is that here you will also come away with some great knowledge that could come in really useful someday. You certainly aren’t going to learn any survival techniques at Disney World, but you will here in the San Juan Mountains.

Our dude ranch kids’ programs include fly fishing for all ages. This type of fishing is a lot more fun than sitting in a soggy boat, hoping a fish will swim by at some point in the day. That kind of fishing would bore any child. They need action and fly fishing gives them that. Their guest ranch counselors are going to teach them where the best spots on the river are to place that hook and get a bite, and how to snag the fish at the right moment to make the catch. Your child won’t forget the thrill of landing that fish, or how they went about enjoying this victory. Fresh fish is an excellent source of protein and has nurtured civilization since the dawn of time. In a time of need, this knowledge of fly fishing will come in very handy.

Children who are in our two older levels of dude ranch kids’ programs will be able to try their hand at archery. While this part of their week’s activity is all in fun and geared for sport, here too lies an important piece of knowledge that can be very useful in a survival situation. Not that there are going to be well weighted arrows and modern manufactured bows just laying about following a catastrophe or disaster. Coupled with what they learn in school about how primitive cultures used natural materials to create the bow and arrow, learning balance and aim in archery can be of great use to them someday.

On top of fly fishing and archery activities, your older children will also experience river rafting and camping out in the wilderness on one night of their dude ranch vacations at Colorado Trails. The ability to handle a horse safely and effectively is a big part of all levels of our dude ranch kids’ programs. Horseback riding vacations are here for fun, but in order to enjoy the beauty of these animals, learning how to get the horse to respond the way you want them to is imperative. In a survival situation, a horse may be the only form of transit one has available. Knowing the proper and safe way to ride is also a technique that could be very valuable to anyone young or old.

Being surrounded with thousands of acres of untouched wilderness, learning about nature is also a big part of our dude ranch kids’ programs. We absorb the most knowledge as children, and while they may not realize all these new adventures, they will have are chock full of learning about things that were once common necessities. While we cannot teach them the complete art of survival on fly fishing and horseback riding vacations, but we can introduce them to a special set of things every person should know.

And you thought dude ranch vacations were just for relaxation and a unique experience. Teaching survival techniques is not our Durango dude ranch goal, but the correlation came to mind, and we thought we would share it with you. After all, there is no rule or law that says learning something important or valuable must be boring or done in a classroom. Bringing your family to Colorado Trails guest ranch this summer, holds far greater benefit than you first imagined. Where else can you introduce them to so much hands-on knowledge disguised as fun?