Strong family relationships are built through spending time with each other and enjoying the simple things in life. Sometimes, we all get too caught up in other activities that we forget the most important thing—family.

It may be hard at times to get the whole family together, especially when each member has different schedules, activities, and interests. Teens are especially difficult, since they never seem to find family adventure vacations a good investment of their time, but after one Colorado dude ranch vacation they’re likely to change their mind.

Dude ranch vacations have been enjoyed by families with a variety of backgrounds, ages, and from different locations around the globe. We have 450 acres of land, located twelve miles northeast of Durango, Colorado. Our Colorado dude ranch is equipped with a game room, opera house, swimming pool and hot tub, volleyball court, rifle range, petting zoo, archery range, and much more. There are activities for each age range, making it a perfect getaway for the entire family.

At Colorado Trails Guest Ranch, we cater to your every need. Our chef will provide you and each of your family members with a mouthwatering plate of food at each meal time. We want you to indulge yourself at our Durango dude ranch, and what better way to do to that than to kick back, relax, and let us provide you with a scrumptious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast of eggs, grits, Navajo fried bread, and grilled kielbasa and then go on an adventurous hike through our mountain forests.

Got kids? No problem. We have a Rukus Room, where kids can interact and play with other kids while you enjoy a little slice of heaven. Our dude ranch kids programs are split into three segments, according to age. Each schedule is designed to accommodate each age group. Our counselors ensure that each child is having as most fun as they possibly can. You are welcome to join in on activities with your child whenever you want—we encourage it! Our dude ranch kids program will keep your child entertained throughout the entire trip, no matter what age they are.

When you announce that you are taking a family trip to a Durango dude ranch, it is likely that you will have to drag your teen out to the car. That attitude will change, once they see the variety of activities that we offer to them. Our experience with teenagers is after they spend a week here, they never want to leave.

A few of the activities that our Dude Ranch Teen Program offers are:

  • horseback riding
  • cookout and overnight camp out
  • western dancing
  • scavenger hunts
  • swimming
  • river rafting and power tubing.

That is just the beginning of the things your teen has to choose from. Your older kids will never get bored here – in fact, they might be overwhelmed with so many activities offered in the CTR dude ranch teen program.

Taking your family on all inclusive family vacations may be the best thing you ever do for your family. It will give you time to bond, strengthening your family relationship while also creating a love for nature and the outdoors. You will establish lasting memories and an official family vacation spot at Colorado Trails dude ranch resort.