Durango is a historic Western town in southwestern Colorado, famous for breathtaking scenery since the late 1800’s. Our guest ranch resort, Colorado Trails, located only 12 miles outside of Durango, offers family ranch vacation fun with many activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing, river rafting, and more.

Durango is one of the most aesthetically orientated cities that a person could find based on nature alone. Its lush mountains and forests make for ideal scenery to gaze at every day you spend in the area. Along with the beauty that you will find within Durango, the route you will travel to arrive Colorado guest ranch is just as amazing, passing through the magnificent countryside and tumbling rivers along the way.

The fun and facilities on our Colorado guest ranch are designed to appeal to almost any age and interest. When it comes to going on a family adventure vacation, there is so much for you to see and do at Colorado Trails, such as evening events at our private dude ranch Opera House or ranch gear, forgotten supplies and souvenirs available for purchase in our Trading Post. Your vacation with us will also feature a romantic dinner for two in the ambience of our candle lit Opera House evening.

Our dude ranch kid’s program is specially developed to appeal to any child who comes on a family ranch vacation. Other facilities popular with kids of any age are the soda fountain, heated swimming pool, and a ruckus room designed for the days when the kids just feel like making a little noise. They will also love the petting zoo, nature hikes and craft time or fishing with their counselors in our private stretches of dude ranch property on the Florida River.

While there is a multitude of great things you can choose to do during the day, the nighttime life brings a whole new atmosphere about your guest ranch vacation. The fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down at Colorado Trails. Evening events for the entire family include our ice cream social, Western dancing hoe- and hayrides with the kids. There is also a special evening attending Durango’s Victorian melodrama for those who enjoy that area of the arts and are ready for an evening off the guest ranch.

You will discover that after a long day hard at having fun, our quaint guest ranch cabins are so restful, comfortable and cozy, you may not want to leave when you wake back up again. There are a number of cabin sizes to choose from, such as the Longview that is perfect for one or a couple. For bigger families and groups of friends enjoying a stay on our dude ranch, the Alpine cabins will be ready to accommodate.

With all the amazing features that can be found at the best Durango guest ranch, it would be impossible to come for a week and not have the time of your life. We have made it our business to make the Colorado Trails guest ranch resort the perfect place for all inclusive family vacations for people of all ages and singles or families alike.

If you wish to make a family ranch vacation reservation today, at Colorado Trails we make it incredibly convenient for you. Booking your week on our Durango guest ranch can be done by fax, phone, or reservation form on our website, or you can call us on the phone if you prefer voice communication.  You’ll find more information and a fact filled brochure introducing you to all the wonderful features you will love about your vacation and our guest ranch resort rates.