What did cowboys of the great American West eat? Maybe beef jerky, rice, and beans?

Sound appealing?

At Colorado Trails Dude Ranch, you and your family can act like cowboys without having to eat like them. The all inclusive family vacations we offer include delicious, healthy meals for everyone – yes, everyone. After all, kid friendly vacations should also include kid friendly dining, shouldn’t they? Here’s a look at what kind of dining experience you can expect at our dude ranch.


Some like it cold; some like it hot – and we cater to both. Our cold foods could include a homemade granola, bagels, breads, fresh fruit, yogurt, or cereal. As for the hot foods, how do homemade waffles and French toast sound? Kids and adults with a sweet tooth will love our cinnamon rolls and scones, and we also serve excellent biscuits, or if you’re cutting back on carbs, we have eggs, bacon, and sausage.

Twice on your outdoor adventure vacation, you and your family will get to have a cookout breakfast. The first is a pancake cookout breakfast; the second is a family ride cookout with made-to-order eggs, grilled kielbasa, grits, and Navajo fry bread.


The lunches at our dude ranch are guaranteed to satisfy a diverse range of tastes. For those of you from “back east”, you’ll enjoy our Philly cheese steak and Reuben sandwiches. Homemade pizza, burgers, grilled cheese, and our taco bar will make the traditionalists happy, while our veggie burgers and grilled chicken breasts will satisfy the family’s health nuts.


Cowboys of the Old West probably would have loved to stopped in at the Colorado Trails Guest Ranch for dinner once in a while. At dinner, you can expect perfectly prepared salmon, chicken, prime rib, pork, and beef. Homemade breads, fresh salads, pastas, and fresh vegetables round out the menu.

Like your breakfasts, your dinners will include two cookouts, including a special farewell dinner on Saturday night. That means that at least a couple of times during your stay, you’ll get to at least pretend you’re eating like real cowboys as you enjoy a meal cooked on an open fire, enjoying beef tenderloin and grilled fresh vegetables.

What other affordable all inclusive family vacations could you take with a menu like this?

Meet the Chef

The chef at our dude ranch is Brian McCormack, who’s worked in the hospitality industry since 1988. He earned a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University in 1995, and he owned a successful catering company in Albuquerque until 2005.

If anyone in your family has special dietary needs, let us know in advance and we can pass the information along to Brian. We think Brian is a sensational chef, and we feel very lucky to have him. We’re sure that your whole family will agree!