There are certain experiences in life, that no matter how old you become, will always be treasured. They are things that can only happen rarely to a person, if not a once in a lifetime gem.

For a child who lives in a big city, the freedom they experience here at Colorado Trails will always be remembered. It isn’t that we just let them run wild. The staff always knows where they are, what they are doing and keeps them safe from harm. The difference is that there are no herds of strangers and indifferent dangers to worry about here. The busy roads, undesirable influences or any of the things a city presents them with that puts a barrier between their natural curiosity and discovery is removed. There are very few places you can take a child to today that allows them the thrill of what seems like limitless freedom that they find possible here on the dude ranch.

How much is that worth in the eyes of any child? It is an experience that was once commonplace, and in today’s world is more valuable than gold.

Add to that the thrill they have when they first get on a horse, and can make it go where their hands tell it to. At first being up there off the ground might make a kid a bit concerned about the situation. It is temporary though, and about the same as their first wobbling ride on that two wheeled bicycle when you remove the training wheels. After that hesitant trip, they’re suddenly pedaling about without a care in the world. That first horseback ride out on the trails around the guest ranch with their counselor is something they will never forget. It’s a memory that will always bring a smile, and like that first two-wheeled bike ride, it’s a moment that never grows stale when it comes back to mind.

About now you might be wondering if the priceless moments on our all inclusive family vacations will be something reserved for your children. Nothing could be further from the truth. There will be perhaps more priceless moments for mom and dad than for their offspring. Not only will you treasure their excitement, there are a few gems here that they are too young to appreciate. Beginning with the peace that transcends within on your very first full day with us. Not really exciting, but still truly wonderful.

For you we have other thrills that you will enjoy as a couple and as an individual. There’s nothing quite so romantic as an evening spend beneath the stars up here in the San Juan Mountains. They are so numerous and bright you cannot help but be awed and inspired by the beauty of a clear night sky. There is the excitement of snagging a trout made even headier with the adrenaline of the fight to reel him in. There is the magic in the morning mist on a meadow. The freedom of a canter across pastureland and shooting the rapids on a river raft. The incredible view that opens along the trail where the trees clear and the mountain echo away unmarred into the distance.

This is but a few of the sensational experiences our guests gather throughout their week on the dude ranch. It might sound a bit one sided to hear us say that there is no place on earth quite like Colorado Trails Ranch, but we didn’t come to this conclusion on our own. There is a large group of people who have had input into this claim. Thousands of them wouldn’t be stretching the truth.

Over the span of half a century, we’ve met and parted with so many people who didn’t want to leave, and effusively thanked us for the best time they’ve ever had in their lives. Some of them were working and others were guests. That right there is precious. It’s something we know cannot be bought or sold, but a collective awakening to all those we have served, and a gift that awaits those who will be coming here one day. Millions of precious moments, and they all took place right here on our Colorado dude ranch. Amazing.