While most of the season on our guest ranch is devoted to a wide mix of activity itineraries, one special week at the Colorado Trails dude ranch resort focuses on individual horseback riding instruction. Horseman’s Week is always set for the end of August and is open to riders of all levels of experience. During the special week of intense individual training you can relax and become more confident and skilled at horseback riding under the knowledgeable and friendly tutoring of seasoned wranglers.

While we are always set up for new riders during any week of dude ranch season, Horseman’s Week is very special. Whether you have never ridden before or you just want to perfect certain maneuvers and techniques, you will be thoroughly satisfied with your progress and accomplishments from this experience as part of the group on our guest ranch. This will not be like a standard horseback riding school where you report to a stable and compete with a dozen or more people for the instructor’s attention.

Getting your personality and skill at horseback riding matched to the right horse is a vital part of getting what you need from the experience. Our dude ranch riding herd offers our guests’ 85 head of great riding stock with a selection of beauties that will provide the perfect mount for anyone from newbies to very accomplished riders. Once the horse is selected, you will learn everything about taking care of your horseback riding partner which is a great way for the two of you to get to know each other really well. Horseback riding is a team effort between you and your horse, so becoming friends with your ride will make the experience far more pleasant and rewarding.

You won’t spend every waking moment in the instruction arena, your Horseman’s Week dude ranch vacation will provide you with lots of time to hit the trails and enjoy the mountain scenery or gallop along the valley. You will also have the opportunity to work with your horse lunging, herding Longhorn cattle and take part in the excitement of team penning on our guest ranch resort. There will be time set aside to work on poles, barrels and keyhole in the arena.

Western riding is the only type of horseback riding offered at the Colorado trails guest ranch. Horseman’s Week will teach you every facet of handling a horse from bathing and grooming to the safest way for tacking up. For our newcomers to riding, learning how to relax and enjoy themselves is always a special issue. You’ll find yourself taking to the wonders of being astride a moving horse like a fish to water with the assistance of your personal dude ranch wrangler instructor.

On your horseback riding vacation, we will walk you through important first aid for emergencies on the trail for both you and your horse. Equine medicine and veterinarian knowledge is all part of the experience of owning a horse and horseback riding. The guest ranch riding instructors will indoctrinate you to proper equine conformation and health that will be invaluable to you in selecting a strong, healthy horse to buy for your own pleasure. After your Horseman’s Week experience at our Colorado dude ranch, you will be ready to go horseback riding anywhere in the world, confidently and competently… even if it’s just in your own back 40.