One sunny weekend day, you’re downstairs in the kitchen minding your own business – maybe you’re cooking or maybe you’re just quietly reading a book – when suddenly you hear some yelling coming from upstairs. Thinking that your 9 year-old and 12 year-old must be about to kill each other again, you stop what you’re doing and you fly up the stairs.

Reaching the epicenter of the sound, you find that there’s no problem, the two of them are playing a video game and they’re just yelling at the game. Your 9 year-old whips the game controller around like he’s trying to wrestle a snake to the ground, while your 12 year-old leans forward towards the TV screen expectantly, eyes glazed over.

Crisis Averted?

As you head back down the stairs, on the one hand you feel glad that they were playing together peacefully (relatively, anyway) as opposed to fighting, but on the other hand something troubles you. After all, when you were growing up, there’s no way you’d be inside on a day like today. You would have been running around the neighborhood, playing with your siblings and friends.

If you’re like many American parents, you’re stuck between the worry that your kids should be more active than they are and the worry that neighborhoods aren’t as safe. While you don’t like them playing video games all day, at least you also know exactly where they are.

What if you could have both – outdoor adventure for your kids and a safe, healthy environment?

Kids’ Programming at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch

At our Colorado guest ranch, we believe we have the very best all-inclusive family vacations– and we’re not just saying that. The best family vacations are vacations in which you can be enjoying the great outdoors, have time together and time apart, and go to bed happily exhausted each night.

We have age-appropriate activities for kids of all ages, starting with our program for Buckaroos (ages 5 – 8), our Rough Riders (ages 9 – 12), and our teen program. Siblings in different age groups get some time apart from each other, but there’s still time for the whole family to get together each day. This enables mom and dad to relax while the kids stay active and outdoors with safe, fun activities all day long.