At Colorado Trails Dude Ranch, we spend our winters getting ready for our spring and summer guests. While the rest of Colorado hosts skiers and snowboarders, we build, clean, add on, scrape and polish. This winter’s main project has focused on two items we know that visitors of our guest ranch will definitely enjoy once the weather warms up: a new pool and a new whirlpool.

Our Pool and Whirlpool Get Completely Replaced

Some of our previous guests might be scratching their heads as they read the words above, thinking, “I thought Colorado Trails already had a swimming pool.” If you remember swimming in our pool in the past or relaxing in our hot tub, your memory is correct. We have had both a heated pool and hot tub in the past. We decided both of them were ready for an upgrade.

Our new pool won’t be Olympic size, but it’s certainly going to be big enough to offer plenty of family fun. The shallow end of the pool will be a depth of 3 ft. 9 in., with steps that stretch the entire width of the pool. That makes it perfect for young ones who are still learning to swim and don’t want to venture out to where their feet don’t touch the bottom. The deepest part of the pool will be 5 ft. The pool will measure 20 feet by 36 feet, so about four feet wider than the old one.

When it’s completed, our new pool will be a bright, sparkling white. We’ll also be adding brand new pool furniture. Best of all, just like our old pool, this pool will be heated with a brand new and efficient heater. Even if we have a chilly mountain day or two during one of your all inclusive family vacations at Colorado Trails, you and your family will still be warm enough to paddle around in the pool.

The whirlpool will be in ground and measure 8 feet by 8 feet. It will also be sparkly white with blue tile and 3 feet 6 inches deep.

Other Winter Projects at Colorado Trails

Although they aren’t as visible or as exciting as a new pool, new septic lines for the cabins and new water systems have also been installed this winter. The new water systems draw from a new well, which give us a virtually unlimited water supply. We also installed new windows and new screens in our Opera House this fall. Oh and don’t forget about our two new cabins currently being built…more details to come!

We hope you’ll come by Colorado Trails this summer to experience our upgrades first-hand!