Family Adventure Vacations

The Rough Riders

… Ages 9 – 12

This age group is known as the Rough Riders at our Dude Ranch – Durango, Colorado.  Having the ability to make the choices in what they would like to do is what makes this group unique.  Children of this age group want to hang around with kids their own age, a trait which doesn’t go away because they are on a family adventure vacation.

Being older than the Buckaroos, gives them more flexibility in choosing what they would like on the dude ranch.  With the ages being so close, friendships are formed and activities are always enjoyable.  It allows the Rough Riders a feeling of freedom, though their dude ranch kids’ program counselors are always right there for instruction and guidance no matter what your middle kid decides to do next.

Being themselves and having a great time, is what matters most to them during their week on the Colorado Trails guest ranch. They have the confidence in doing new activities or improving on an activity they already know. There are so many great things they will be delighted to choose from on this most excellent family adventure vacation’s experience.

Taking a nature hike through the trails is a favorite among this mid level group in our dude ranch kids’ programs. With nature and the changing seasons, there is a lot to learn on the hikes.  Counselors are always there to answer their questions and point out the really cool things along the way. There are a wide variety of choices to choose from when it comes to horseback riding vacations.  Everything from critiquing their skills to enjoying games in the riding arena.  A horseback ride ending in a picnic lunch, always makes for a fun morning adventure among our Rough Rider dude ranch guests.

Your Rough Riders will have plenty of time for swimming on their adventure vacations.  Playing water games in the guest ranch resort pool with fellow peers adds to the excitement!  Power tubing on Vallecito Lake is an activity most Rough Riders enjoy.  Hang on and enjoy the waves as the boat heads off for a wild ride.  Another great ride is the half-day river rafting trip.  For our Colorado dude ranch Rough Riders that enjoy fishing, our counselors know the perfect places to snag the “catch” of the day!

Mysteries seem to suit this age group well as every week’s Rough Riders group gets a charge out of the scavenger hunt here at guest ranch, Colorado Trails.  These kids are still young enough to really enjoy all the animals in our petting zoo. Petting and feeding the animals makes both the animals and this dude ranch kids’ program group quite happy!  A game of volley ball, horseshoes or basketball, have the children cheering and playing as a team.  Archery and riffle shooting are great for hand-eye coordination.

Night time fun with Western dancing offers foot coordination along with a lot of laughs!  Here at the dude ranch, your Rough Riders can enjoy time kicking back and relaxing on a hayride.  The children will sit with peers and converse while riding around looking at some of the sites of nature.  A dude ranch Durango cookout and overnight campout to spend time beneath the stars and listen to the sounds of nature makes for a wonderful way to spend the evening.

The different age groups come together with siblings or friends during the day.  There is always something to talk about – with new activities accomplished and more adventures to begin.  They enjoy sharing all these discovery experiences with you at the end of the day.  On our Colorado Trails all inclusive family vacations, the fun and new friends create childhood memories that your Rough Rider will never forget!