The next time you and your family come to Colorado Trails Dude Ranch in Durango, CO, for all inclusive family vacations, we’ll introduce you to two new members of our own family: two draft horses named Fish and Frog.

Fish and Frog aren’t just any draft horses. As full brothers born only two years apart, they keep their work all in the family. Fish got his name when his human mother found him as a colt lying in a creekbed. When his brother came along two years later, the name Frog seemed to be a natural choice to go with Fish. After all, every Fish should have a Frog.

Nearly two months ago, the brothers came to our Colorado Trails guest ranch to pull the wagon for hayrides. Don’t expect to see a lot of sibling rivalry from these two guys; the whole Colorado Trails staff has noticed that these brothers are definitely getting along and having fun pulling together.

Percheron Horses

Fish and Frog are members of the Percheron breed of draft horses, a breed that originated in 17th century France. Originally, the intelligent Percherons were bred to be war horses, but it didn’t take too long for breeders to realize that the burly horses also made great working horses. Percherons started to be used for pulling stage coaches; later they were used for agriculture and cargo transport. Such a background means that Fish and Frog are right at home at Colorado Trails, happily pulling the hayrides they were bred for.

In Europe, sadly, the Percherons were used extensively as war horses once again during World War I. In the United States, however, Percherons have always been used as work horses. There’s a good reason why they’re used for pulling heavy things; averaging about 1,900 pounds with a peak weight of 2,600 pounds, Percherons are both very powerful and very smart, with a reputation of being ready and willing to work.

Once you visit Colorado Trails, we think you’ll fall in love with Fish and Frog just as much as our staff has. You’ll get to see for yourself the beauty and power of the Percheron breed.