About a year ago, BBC documentary film producer Jonnie Hughes brought a handful of tribesmen from a remote jungle village in Papua, New Guinea to London. He had been making a film about the tribe, known as the Insect Tribe, and the tribesmen asked why the study only worked one way – why did the British get to travel to Papua New Guinea to study them, but the Insect Tribe didn’t get to travel to London to study the Brits? To make a long story short, Hughes eventually acquiesced and brought the Stone Age people face-to-face with the Information Age (to read the whole story, see Salon.com).

Except for the innovation of adding feathers to arrows to make them fly straighter, the tribesmen were not very impressed by London. One of the tribe’s major criticisms was the way family members were treated. They observed how, in one family they stayed with, the father left for work before 7:00am and didn’t come home again until 7:00pm. In their culture, they said, they worked a few hours each day hunting game and gathering food; the rest of the day, they were free to spend with the people who mattered the most to them.

Get Primitive

Hughes found himself at a loss to explain the “benefits” of life in chaotic, busy London to the tribesmen again and again. He found himself questioning the Western lifestyle; after all, how much quality time do we really spend with our family members? How much of that “quality time” is spent staring at a screen?

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Prove the Insect Tribe wrong. Prove that modern Westerners haven’t lost their sense of what’s most important in life and still know how to spend real quality time with the people who matter the most to them. You’ll find the atmosphere on our Durango, Colorado dude ranch just right to accomplish this feat.