When you stroll up Main Street at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another era, but you won’t be leaving modern comforts behind. Our Main Street includes a Trading Post, an Opera House, a Blacksmith Shop, a Jail, Saloon and School House. These parts of our guest ranch aren’t always what they seem, however. Take a look below to see what’s inside each building.

The Trading Post

Traditionally, a trading post was used as a place to buy and sell wares. At our Trading Post, you’ll enjoy an authentic, 1930s old-time soda fountain. A favorite with all our guests, it’s a great place to get cool treats on hot days. It’s also the place where guests can purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs and other souvenirs and sundries.

The Opera House

In the Old West, there were no movie theaters. There also wasn’t any cable television to watch, video game to play or Internet to surf. Instead, people went to the town’s opera house, where they would dance together or watch theatrical productions.

In our Opera House, we’ll be teaching you and your family members a little old-fashioned square-dancing. Once you learn a few steps, you’ll have a blast!

The Blacksmith Shop

The blacksmith was the Old West equivalent of a car mechanic and appliance repair man. Our Blacksmith Shop is the home to our fly fishing center, which provides all the gear you need for any fishing you might do while visiting our dude ranch.

The Jail, Saloon and School House

We wish that we could tell you that the three other buildings on our Main Street are filled with bowling alleys, indoor miniature golf ranges and movie theaters. However, these last three buildings are more practical parts of our ranch. Although some visiting parents threaten their kids with taking them to the Jail, it is actually where we temporarily store garbage. The Saloon and School House are dormitories for our staff members.

We hope that you will come to Colorado Trails’ Main Street one day soon for one of our all-inclusive family vacations so that we can give you a tour of all the buildings above in person!