The Wild West was settled by a mixing pot of men and women from Britain, mainland Europe, and both white and African Americans. From this blend of ethnic backgrounds, a unique style of dance gradually began to evolve.

From the French, western Americans imported the quadrille, an early form of the square dance. Lively fiddle music from Ireland and Scotland mixed together with some of the jig and reel styles picked up from African American slave culture. Over time, western line dancing and square dancing blended all of these various styles of dance together, even incorporating later American dance trends that came into being as blues and jazz grew more popular. The Texas two-step, for example, is actually a modified version of the Foxtrot, a dance that came from ragtime jazz.

Western Dancing at the Colorado Trails Dude Ranch

What dude ranch would be complete without a little bit of western dancing? Western dancing is a fun, evening dude ranch activity that the whole family can enjoy. (Ok, so maybe one of your teenage sons might groan and say “Mooom!” when you suggest a little line dancing to top off an evening, but hey, that’s why we also have ice cream socials and hayrides.)

Even if you’ve got two left feet, it doesn’t matter at our Colorado dude ranch. We’ll help you learn all the steps to the Cotton Eyed Joe, contributed by German settlers; bouncy Irish jigs; the polka, imported from Eastern Europe and given a country-western slant; and other classic dances.

Fun family vacations at our dude ranch are our top priority. Our Western dancing all happens at the old-fashioned Opera House, which is also hosts other enjoyable activities. The square and line dancing you’ll learn is energetic, full of laughs, and a great way to meet other families.

Adventure Vacations

However, our dude ranch offers more than just square dancing and ice cream socials. At Colorado Trails, you’ll find something that will please everyone in the family, including your notoriously hard-to-please teens. With horseback riding, fishing, rafting, and hiking, the all inclusive family vacations available at our dude ranch will satisfy even the most active amongst your family. Our kids and teens program will keep everyone in the family having fun with age-appropriate activities, while giving mom and dad a much-needed rest. Even if the kids decide not to tag along when you head to the Western dancing at the Opera House, it will be because they’ve been tired out from a long, fun day in the beautiful outdoors.