Family Adventure Vacations

The Buckaroos

… Ages 5 – 8

How does adventure vacations for the “whole” family sound?  Not having to leave the children at home so you and your significant other can escape for some alone time.  Here at the Colorado Trails Western dude ranch, we are dedicated to providing everyone with their own vacation while vacationing as a family.  With the capable and attentive staff on this dude ranch you can feel at ease knowing they are being well taken care of and having fun with youngsters their own age.

Children ages 5 – 8 are known as our dude ranch kids’ programs little Buckaroos. You are assured their safety in their lineup of activities, perfect for spending countless hours laughing and having fun.  Knowing they can be themselves with others their own age assures for a great day of fun.  Lots of laughing and new activities will be experienced by the Buckaroos at dude ranch, Colorado Trails.  Many children at this age have not experienced horse back riding, let alone without mommy or daddy.  Getting on a horse and playing some games inside the riding arena make for tons of giggles.  These giggles are the variety of mirth that come from the heart!  Along with horseback riding, there are many other great activities everyone of our Buckaroos guests enjoy.

Fishing and swimming are two other activities they enjoy during their visit with us here, while parents are off on their own horseback riding – fly fishing vacations.  How about a half –day river rafting trip for your Buckaroo to enjoy?  While riding the waters alongside our counselors, they will be enjoying fresh air and what nature has to offer.  Speaking of nature, we also have nature hikes.  Hiking through the trails is part of their dude ranch adventure vacations. This gives your Buckaroos the answers to many questions they definitely will have while hiking along with their counselors.

A scavenger hunt gives our Buckaroos the enjoyment of finding various objects at the same time, allowing for lots of laughing and talking among each other.  Most kids love animals, and the dude ranch petting zoo allows them to interact with some very cuddly critters.  Arts and crafts are always a popular choice here at the guest ranch, Colorado Trails.  Buckaroos use their imagination along with instructions from our counselors!  They create wonderful and imaginative items that they tote home as souvenirs.  We offer a cookout and games for our Colorado dude ranch kids’ programs youngest set.  There is also an overnight campout for the brave Buckaroos!

Through the day, the different age groups of children do get together, so it isn’t like siblings in different dude ranch kids’ programs won’t be spending any time together.  This allows for interaction between the age groups and they have some great times mingling as one large posse.  Being in the outdoors, exploring and discovering new challenges will give the Buckaroos life learning experiences, not possible anywhere else.  Being away from mommy and daddy will allow them to have their own circle of peers.  They will look forward to seeing their new dude ranch friends every day.

You won’t feel the least bit bad about going off to enjoy your own brand of adventure vacations. At the end of the day, the whole family will come back together full of exciting  new things to talk about!  Your little Buckaroos will feel proud of their accomplishments every day of their all inclusive family vacations.  They will share what they did with their friends along with a full report of every fun activity or outing, they experienced.  Here at Colorado Trails guest ranch, Durango style childhood memories will be created, ones that your Buckaroo will always remember.