When most of your life is spent in front of a computer screen, in a cubicle, or driving back and forth to work or to pick up kids, the idea of wide open vistas and cool mountain air seems like heaven. We who spend most of the year on-site at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch start to take our little piece of heaven for granted, but when we see the look in our guests’ eyes as they take in the view, we remember just how close to paradise we really are.

The Clarity of 7,500 Feet

Our Colorado dude ranch sits nestled in a valley 7,500 feet above sea level. Up here, the air is clean and clear, and the scenery is absolutely breath-taking. It’s little wonder that the area around Durango, CO, has been a tourist hot-spot since its heyday during the silver rush of the nineteenth century.

Not only do we have a 450 acre patch of this Edenic land, we also share a property line with the San Juan National Forest. San Juan National Forest is a two-million acre protected area made of virgin alpine forests, clear mountain streams, and pristine trails. It’s the perfect place to hike, and those mountain streams are an excellent stop for anyone taking fishing vacations.

All Inclusive Family Vacations

We think you’ll find our guest ranch to be both beautiful and comfortable. Our cabins and facilities are warm, welcoming and inviting, our dining is top-notch, and our vacation programs offer something for everyone. While mom lounges by our pool, the kids can go off horseback riding or play air hockey in the Ruckus Room. Dad might head out on a fishing excursion, and the teens will have fun power tubing or playing volleyball.

At Colorado Trails, we’re prepared to redefine your idea of a most excellent family vacation. Our outdoor activities are lots of fun and take full advantage of the incredible scenery; our facilities are so comfortable you’ll be glad you ventured into the mountains of Colorado to a dude ranch, instead of the predictable, crowded beach resort.

We can’t wait to show off our corner of heaven to you and your whole family. We think you’ll understand why some of us never wanted to leave once we got here!