Did you know that you and your horse are supposed to work as a team? That’s the secret to a truly enjoyable experience on any type of horseback riding vacations. Here at Colorado Trails guest ranch, we understand that spending a week in the saddle having a great time begins by matching each guest to the right mount.

A mismatched team is always a problem. This is true of married couples, poorly chosen sports teams, business partners and the list of bad matches goes on and on. The same is true of horse and rider. Having spent many decades in the dude ranch business, we long ago discovered that our horses know what type of personality is on their back and will act accordingly. You see, horses have personalities that are as unique as those we find in people.

There is really no such thing as a dumb horse, though they may put on a show of ignorance, there is something else going on. They are very social, intelligent and sensitive to any situation animals. Some of the most disagreeable horses are actually acting out as a result of suffering abusive handling, though you won’t find any of this lot on our dude ranch. Everyone of our huge herd of riding horses is handpicked for health, conformation and attitude, as well as their training.

People of all types and walks of life come to spend their time away on Colorado Trails horseback riding vacations. Being able to give each and every one of them a week to remember, means having a wide assortment of horse personalities and levels of docility on hand. It also means that we need excellent wranglers on staff that understand horses and people very well. We don’t hire just anyone to fill the role of wrangler here on the guest ranch.

The more you learn about horses, the more interesting they become. There’s a lot more depth to each animal’s character and mannerisms than a less experienced rider might suspect. Our guests who grew up with horses already understand this unique quality. For them we have more challenging mounts that easily match their skill set and personality type.

Through our years of hosting fun and exciting horseback riding vacations, we’ve learned that putting a novice rider on a Type A personality horse isn’t going to allow either of them to have fun. Some people think that a small horse is better for a child to ride over a large one. This isn’t always the case though. We have several huge 16-hand tall horses that are as docile as a lamb. Additionally, a horse can sense that there is a child on its back over an adult, and display a behavior set accordingly.

When you come to our dude ranch for horseback riding vacations, we’ll teach you a lot about these fascinating and beautiful animals. Even if you’ve never considered yourself the ‘horsey type’ – when you leave here, we can just about guarantee that you’ll love horses and be wondering when you can come back again.