Hot tubs are good for your health!

We all know the feeling of stress, body aches and pains and feeling sore beyond comprehension. You will be checking out new and different adventure vacations activities at the dude ranch, but your body may not be as agile as it once was. This can cause a sore muscle or two since activities like horseback riding for the first time will work muscles you might not have known you had. Although it can be uncomfortable, our hot tub is the perfect solution to ease the pain away. It is awesome for preparing for the next day of adventure at Colorado Trails guest ranch resort.

A hot tub is a fantastic tool for whatever ails you.

Set at the perfect temperature, our hot tub is a popular spot for people wanting to unwind and relax as their day ends.  The hot tub on our guest ranch can be a great solution for relaxing sore muscles, as the bubbles gently massage the body, the warm water allows an increased blood circulation and the ability to have buoyancy lets your muscles truly relax. Easing the knots from your back, as the water tickles every inch of your body.

Our staff at the Colorado Trails dude ranch ensures a clean soak every time, consistently checking the pH levels, and making sure it is just the right temperature. Studies have shown soaking for 15-30 minutes in a hot tub not only allow for a better night sleep, but can also help you to sleep more soundly than if you were to go to bed without a soak. Studies have furthermore, shown that soaking in the dude ranch hot tub can help aid in digestion, the perfect solution after an excellent home cooked meal. When our chef hand cooks all of our food from scratch, having a soak may help relieve the full feeling just a tad.

Hot tubs allow your blood system to dilate, and increases the blood flow throughout your body. We guarantee you this will make y The heat from the steam allows any congestion in your nose to clear, making breathe easier than before. Hot tubs are great for relief from sinus headaches associated with allergies, without having to use medications. Colorado Trails dude ranch is a fantastic place to rid your mind and body of toxins, the hot tub delivers increased relaxation through an increased body temperature.

After your soak in the hot tub at our guest ranch, you’ll be ready for great camaraderie around the campfire, with fire roasted food and live music beneath the stars. The fresh air will feel great on your relaxed skin, and your bed will call to you from you cabin—much sooner than it would have at home. With the many activities offered on all inclusive family vacations at our Colorado dude ranch resort it is easy to sleep soundly, but why not let the hot tub aid you a little?