You may have seen movies about it or watched other people ride horses, but you have never done it yourself. Maybe you just want to perfect your horseback riding skills. Well, our Durango Colorado Guest Ranch is the ideal place for you. Our Horseman’s Week, held from August 29, 2010 to September 5, 2010, will teach you the basics and advanced maneuvers of horseback riding.

If you plan on taking a family dude ranch vacation in the future, our dude ranch is the place to go. Dude ranch vacations are a great place to get away from society, spend more time with your family, and learn new things like horseback riding. Our professional staff offer lessons to fit our guests, whether you are a beginner or want to learn more advanced skills.

When you arrive for Horseman’s week, you will first go through orientation, where you will learn the basics, safety, and then you will be matched up to your ideal horse. We match our guests to our horses based on personality, size, and ability. Once you’ve gone through orientation, it’s time for your personalized lessons. You will learn how to jog, lope, canter, and then you will receive a private lesson to help you improve in certain areas that you may be struggling with.
Once you’ve mastered the basics, our staff will teach you the groundwork. This involves instruction on how to properly groom, catch, tack, and how to control your horse. You will also try arena work, where you will be using keyholes, barrels, and poles. In addition to this, you will be learning first aid, horse nutrition, horse anatomy, and more.

You will be able to choose from a variety of riding options at our Durango Colorado Guest Ranch. We offer morning and afternoon rides, all day rides, half day rides, cattle drives, and sunrise breakfast rides. We also have activities like horse penning, where you can work as a group to move cows individually by horseback.

To wind down after a long day enjoying your all inclusive family vacations, we have evening activities such as western movies, jeopardy, and melodramas. After your first experience at our Durango Colorado Guest Ranch, you will want to go on dude ranch vacations every summer. You will enjoy learning new things during Horseman’s Week. Hopefully, you will continue to learn outside of our guest ranch so you can return the next year as a more advanced rider. We have seen children who came to Horseman’s Week as a beginner, and they continue to improve each year. Our guests become part of our family, and we love to see people who return every year to join us for another amazing summer at our dude ranch.