It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced in the saddle, the Colorado guest ranch in Durango that is the best place to go for horseback riding vacations is Colorado Trails Ranch. Here, you’ll be doing more than just riding a horse in a circle while a guide sits there and watches you. Not only that, your horse will be from our ranch, and not rented from a nearby spread as is the custom of some guest ranch resorts in our area. Colorado Trails is a real working ranch that offers western adventure vacations to people from all over the country.

We have 85 beautiful horses at our guest ranch, premium animals that make it easy to pair you up perfectly based on personality, size, and ability to ensure you and your mount will make a great team. Our horses are all well trained and gorgeous—pretty much a part of our family. We value them and ensure that they are all healthy, taken care of properly and in fine shape for your week enjoying the wonders of your horseback riding vacation.

Rather than just riding in a circle a hundred times, we offer you a variety of different terrains that you can practice on. From loping across open meadows to trail riding through Ponderosa Pines, the scenery is stunning and your adventure vacation will be wonderful. If you’re a really adventure sort, you can take part in a cattle drive right here on Colorado Trails Ranch property. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have upon arrival—you will never get bored here on our real Durango guest ranch. There will be no busing you to other ranches for riding or roping and cattle drives around here.

You won’t see our guides sitting lazily on their butts while you try and ride your horse at our Colorado guest ranch. Our specially trained staff will be engaged with each guest, making sure that they are in a safe and comfortable at all times. For beginners, our wrangler staff instructors teach them the basics of horseback riding. For the more experienced riders, our staff will help them hone their skills, presenting horsemanship challenges to assist them to in becoming better equestrians. This level of one on one, daily learning is not possible at guest ranch resorts that own no horse stock or conduct riding on their own property.

We offer a variety of different riding options for you to choose from on our horseback riding vacations. You can select short morning and afternoon rides and ride out for and hour or two. There is also the choice of  half-day rides at Durango guest ranch, Colorado Trails, where you’ll be in the saddle for 3 – 4 hours, and enjoy a chuck wagon lunch. You’ll also be able to adventure out on all day rides with your four footed partner, these trips last 6 to 8 hours and you’ll be packing your lunch for this ride.

At our guest ranch, family is important. The entire staff at Colorado Trails Ranch is like a big family, and we want you to become part of this family. This is the reason that we offer activities like the family breakfast trip. We want to bring your family together and closer to our family as well.  This is something that makes our ranch an outstanding experience, as opposed to other area guest ranch resorts. There is only one Colorado Trails and only one horseback riding vacation experience of the quality we offer you and your family.

On top of learning how to ride and master the challenges of our variety of terrain, you’ll love our riding games in the corral too. One of the really popular horseback riding activities on our dude ranch is Corral Capers, which is a horseback arena game. You can also try your new or improved equestrian skills on things like barrel racing and other sport riding games that are great fun for all ages and skill levels.

Horseback riding vacations on real working ranches where staff knows their guests and their horses are the perfect way to get away from the stresses of ordinary life. It’s a great way to bond with family and have fun while doing it. Every member of your family will love improving their skills as a horseman and will be excited to come back every year to get better. Guest ranch Colorado Trails has seen families come back repeatedly, improving their skills each year.