Hello, we are Sal and Vinnie, two new horses who joined the Colorado Trails Ranch horse herd in October to enhance the horseback riding vacation. Colorado Trails is a guest ranch with an all-inclusive program for families, singles and couples. We’d like to tell you about our life at the ranch so far. It has been great. First of all, Sal is a seven year old dark brown and white paint gelding and Vinnie is a six year old sorrel and white paint gelding.

The first week we arrived, we were kept off by ourselves so we could adjust to the barn at our own pace before meeting up with all the other horses in the herd that are already a part of CTR’s horseback riding vacation package. The barns are fantastic! They are very new and kept in wonderful condition with water readily available.

Then a week later, Brett turned us out with some of the other horses who were still at Colorado Trails. We could see they were very happy and in good health. It made us feel quite comfortable to be with them. We have plenty of food put out for us morning and evening and during the day. We have the run of the pastures so we can kick up our heels a bit. We really love the fodder system that Colorado Trails Ranch has for feed for their animals. It is like grain sprouts and we can eat every bit of it. It tastes wonderful and the other horses have told us that no one gets stomachaches with this great feed.

One day, Brett rode Sal over to the Rainbow Ranch to check up on the rest of the herd that was on R and R after a busy summer of providing guests with a great horseback riding vacation. Wow, it sure was fun to meet up with all the horses. The Rainbow has lots of space for us to roam. The next day, Brett rode Vinnie over to meet up with everyone. Then after a few days, Brett moved us over to mingle with the rest of the herd.

The last week of November, the weather started to get cold and snowy. The rest of the herd told us that it was time to move on to their winter home. Sure enough, Brett showed up early in the morning with the trailer and started moving about eight horses at a time to right near the airport at Outrun Farm. We have a couple huge pastures and the Florida River runs right through the farm. Keith and Mary, who own the farm, help out by feeding the herd twice a day and checking up on everyone to make sure they are healthy and happy. Brett comes over to walk through the whole herd every week.

After a pretty big snow storm at the end of the month and a really cold spell, the weather has turned quite mild. We have all grown our long coats of hair so we are very comfortable. When it was really cold, Brett put out some extra goodies for us to munch on between feedings. It has been super.

The other horses have been telling us about all the great guests who come to participate in the wonderful horseback riding vacation, and do lots of other activities. We are getting really excited about the summer. We can’t wait to meet the staff, get to know the trails and take the guests out for safe, educational and fun rides. We hope to see you this summer!