Summer scenery in the San Juan Mountains is beautiful. People have been traveling to Durango, Colorado for over a century, just to enjoy the breathtaking view. To anyone with artistic talent, the fall colors add a depth to the rolling mountainous terrain that make you itch to get it all on paper or canvas. If this sounds like a wonderful experience to mix with pleasant hours of horseback riding, the dude ranch Artists Week at Colorado Trails guest ranch is the right retreat vacation for you.

Fall comes to the Colorado mountains in late September. The sun is beautiful, warming your days just right, and the nights are exhilarating. Billions of stars overhead in the crisp evening sky, taken in around the guest ranch campfire amidst a group of lovely people. The ambience makes it easy to make friends in such a relaxed, natural setting. There are only adults on the dude ranch art and color clinic week, making it an excellent way to rejuvenate and pamper yourself.

The dude ranch itinerary for Artists Week gives you half a day of exploring the beautiful terrain horseback riding, or fly fishing if you wish. The afternoon belongs to expressing yourself drawing and painting. Guest ranch buildings are at their finest against the brilliant hues of fall foliage. Every view is so magically changed and charged with detail your surroundings will be an inspiration in themselves.

You’ll love coffee every morning in the dude ranch lodge loft where the WIFI access lets you check up on important business and stay in contact through email on a daily basis… even though you are on an artist’s retreat in one of the most fabulous scenic spots in the country. The food is awesome on a dude ranch art vacation, all made fresh by hand featuring menus created and prepared by a very accomplished chef.

Evenings are very enjoyable and fun filled on an art retreat at a guest ranch. There will be good times shared doing line dancing and the two step while learning Western dancing in the Opera Hall. An old fashioned ice cream social sets on anyone’s tastebuds just right. Live music evenings with cowboy singalongs and hayrides add to the dude ranch art week magic.

You will have fresh, exciting scenes to draw or paint every day. Some spots selected will be on the dude ranch property arrived at by a hike or via horseback riding. Other days you’ll board the guest ranch van and travel to the sight of the day’s art clinic subject. It will be a refreshing and wonderful experience for you. This one special week of art mixed with horseback riding happens only once a year on a dude ranch. People come from all over the country and leave knowing they have had an adventure of huge proportions while relaxing against stunning scenery.

The culmination of your art and color clinic experience arrives when your work is all placed in the art show. For every guest ranch art week guest, the sense of pride and accomplishment is exquisite. Artists find the Colorado Trails art and Colorado dude ranch experience to be thrilling and rewarding. An experience they have recorded in their paintings and drawings to preserve forever.