It’s exactly what time spent together on your vacation should be, family time that is free of commercialism. Taking your family on a dude ranch vacation at Colorado Trails is the perfect way to relax, have fun and enjoy yourselves.

While you may not be quite sure what to expect before coming to spend a week with us here on our Durango guest ranch, we’re positive you’ll go away having finally discovered what a family vacation was truly meant to be. It certainly wasn’t supposed to be spent in long lines just waiting for a three minute thrill. Somewhere along the way, that special bond of family was set aside, as everyone chased after the next big thing.

Nothing is bigger than family! At our guest ranch, Colorado Trails, you’ll find the perfect environment to discover just how much fun you actually can have together, when the distracting common world is far away. A dude ranch vacation might not sound like what your teenagers want to do. Don’t worry about that, they haven’t a clue what they really think yet. How could they, if they haven’t been here yet?

Our dude ranch teen program will quickly change their tune. The grumbling will end abruptly. We see it happen all the time. You might need wild horses to drag them back to the car when it’s time to go home again. They only think roller coasters are cool, because they haven’t been on a horseback riding vacation before. Just wait until they discover the incredible feeling of freedom you get cantering through a field with the wind in your hair. They’ll be having so much fun with all the river rafting and power tubing, it will soon replace that balking kid with one who can’t wait to get to the next adventure.

The younger levels in our dude ranch kids’ programs are just as exciting. We gear all activities to be perfectly in tune with the abilities and attention span of our guests in every group. They’ll have a great time making new friends and doing all the things kids don’t normally get to do. Each dude ranch kids’ and teens’ counselor works with the same small group of youngsters every day. They’ll be able to keep them busy and safe while you enjoy your morning and afternoon choice of horseback riding or fly fishing.

Some people get the idea that a horseback riding – fly fishing vacation is for adults. We happen to know differently at guest ranch Colorado Trails. We’re also well aware that a trip to Disney World is a heck of a lot more fun for the kids, than it ever was for parents. A dude ranch vacation is fun for every one of you, from your kindergartners and on up to Gramps. When was the last time grandparents had enough time to spend with their grand kids? How long has it been since you spent a great week with your parents and no one had to cook or do the dishes? This is exactly what our family vacation adventure is really all about.

The food is great, the beds are comfy and the people you’ll meet will be enjoyable. Our dude ranch kids’ programs offer just the right activities to entertain each age group all week long. After spending your day enjoying adult horseback riding vacation fun, the family unit is back together for an evening spent as a group. Gramps and dad will have a great time storing up fly fishing vacation stories. Taking your vacation at guest ranch Colorado Trails in Durango, will be the best adventure any of you has ever had. We guarantee you all a wonderful time and special memories impossible to create anywhere else.