If your family is like most, meals are something that are often hurried. A sandwich on the go, a granola bar in the car, a quick stop at a fast food restaurant on the way home from work: These are the types of accidental bad habits that often form due to our busy lifestyles. When meals aren’t hurried, they can sometimes be stressful to prepare. Choosing a dish that everyone likes and finding the time to cook is often a challenge.

At our guest ranch, we believe that vacations should be stress-free in every way, including the food. Every meal you have at Colorado Trails is easy and tasty at the same time; all you have to do is show up!

Most of the meals are served in our dining room but we do have four cookouts during the week plus a lunch ride.


Breakfasts at our Colorado dude ranch are light or hearty, depending on what you choose to eat. You can choose between options such as homemade granola, fresh fruit and yogurt, or you can opt for hot food selections, such as homemade waffles, french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh cinnamon rolls and biscuits. If you want to try a breakfast item that’s unique to our region, try the Navajo fry bread during one of our cookout breakfasts.


Lunch will also consist of a variety of good foods to choose from. If you like Philly cheesesteaks, you’ll love our chef’s version. Homemade pizzas, burgers and veggie burgers are also an option. Our taco bars are a favorite with guests; our salad bar is another option for those who want to eat light and healthy.

Lunch also comes with a few dessert options; the fresh-from-the-oven brownies, cookies and lemon bars are very popular among our guests.


Expect a nice entree at dinner time. Prime rib, salmon, pork and chicken are commonly seen on our dinner table. Green salads, pasta dishes and fresh vegetables are also included.


Our all inclusive vacation packages also include a couple of breakfast cookouts and a couple of dinner cookouts at different points during the week. This is a chance for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors and have a picnic-style meal.

If a member of your party has any special dietary needs, just let us know in advance and we’ll be sure to accommodate you. All in all, we think you’ll be as enamored with our food as you are with our horseback riding and fishing when you come to Colorado Trails.