While you’re staying at this Colorado dude ranch, we have spared no expense to ensure you stay as happy, relaxed and comfortable as possible. Any mealtime menu on the ranch is no exception. We work with our chef to make sure the quality of food exceeds your standards, making you want to return to the guest ranch – time and time again.

When you are on vacation at our dude ranch, you deserve to eat like the royalty you are. While living on the Colorado Trails Ranch, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best home cooked food around. Instead of eating on the run, or grabbing food from a fast food joint, our guest ranch resort chef and staff makes sure you are comfortable, happy and full after each meal.

Start your day off right at our guest ranch with one of many breakfast options. You will definitely find something of interest when you enjoy breakfast at the guest ranch. Try our delicious homemade waffles, bacon or sausage. Why not meet us outside for the infamous pancake breakfast or grits and eggs to order, Navajo fried bread and grilled kielbasa cookout. Everything is delicious, so try everything once while you’re here enjoying a family ranch vacation.

Lunch time is always incredible when on your horseback riding vacations enjoying Philly and chicken cheese steaks, pizza burgers and many other tempting items. Spend time reconnecting with your family after lounging by the pool, horseback riding, or even fly fishing throughout the morning. Talk about your plans during the afternoon, and see the excitement in your children as you discuss power tubing, archery and other dude ranch kid’s program activities. Finish off your supper with a sinful brownie, lemon bar or home baked cookies.

After spending an afternoon full of activities and adventure on all inclusive family vacations, you are sure to be hungry. Why not try out a new specialty chicken dish, some perfectly seasoned salmon, or even prime rib to fill your stomach. Everything is prepared fresh at the dude ranch.  Durango homemade breads served fresh from our kitchen…  a buttered slab of heaven, try a slice of with your supper. Finish off with a sumptuous slice of apple pie, cheesecake, ice cream pie or more, the options are endless at Colorado Trails guest ranch,  Durango has no finer food than the menu you’ll enjoy here.

If you need any specific or special accommodations for your dietary requirements, we can help you! Please let us know what you need (either on the first night here or on booking) so we can work with our dude ranch chef, to help you receive everything you need during your stay. We work hard to help every guest love their stay here, and it is important that you enjoy every aspect of Colorado Trails guest ranch—including your food!