At the Colorado Trails Dude Ranch, we’re pleased that we can offer our guests some of the best fly fishing spots in Colorado. Whether you’re an experienced fly fisherman (or fisherwoman), or you’re looking for some unique vacation ideas, we think that you’ll find all the best that fishing vacations have to offer at Colorado Trails.

Don’t know if fly fishing should be part of your vacation schedule? Take our short quiz below to find out.

Q: Do you like outdoor adventure vacations?

A: If your answer is yes, then you should look no further than our dude ranch. Besides fly fishing, we’ll keep you outdoors with horseback riding, hayrides, and campfire sing-alongs.

Q: Are you looking for all inclusive family vacations?

A: If your answer is yes, then once again Colorado Trails Dude Ranch is the place for you and your family. We have experienced kids’ counselors who will keep the kids entertained while mom and dad finally get some times to themselves. There are also plenty of opportunities for family activities. Our all inclusive prices include the lodging, meals, and activities for the whole family for a week.

Q: Do you already know how to fly fish?

A: If the answer is yes, then you’ll be delighted by the high mountain streams around the Colorado Trails Dude Ranch.

However, if your answer is no, all we ask is that you bring with you a willingness to learn! We’ve introduced plenty of non-fisherman to the sport, and our fishing guides are adept at teaching beginners of all ages how to fly fish.

Q: Are the kids begging to come along for the fishing adventure?

A: If the answer is yes, then great – bring them along. Fishermen of all ages and all experience levels are welcome to try out fishing at our dude ranch. Children need to be accompanied by an adult to fish or be participating in the children’s program, but otherwise they are totally welcome to join in the fishing fun.

Q: Are you one of those people who can’t bear to see fish struggling for breath once they’ve been pulled from the water, or are you concerned about the impact over-fishing has on the environment?

A: If the answer is yes, we have very good news for you. The fly fishing we offer is catch-and-release using barbless flies. That means you might even get to catch the same rainbow trout two years in a row.

In short, the fishing vacations offered by Colorado Trails Guest Ranch are some of the best in the West. We encourage you to bring the whole family along for unparalleled, all inclusive family vacations that includes fly fishing along with numerous other fun, outdoor activities.