Most regions of the country have good spots for fly fishing trout of one type of another. Finding the perfect spot to offering fly fishing vacations means you’ll be looking for something out of the ordinary and the fly fishing vacation package at Colorado Trails guest ranch is just the thing.

The rivers and streams here in the San Juan Mountains surrounding our dude ranch resort are teeming with cagey trout. You will have a great time snagging rainbows, browns and brook trout in sparkling cold mountain waters. The one thing you will be really excited about on guest ranch fishing trips to Durango is the native Colorado cutthroat trout.

For experienced anglers, the excitement about fly fishing for trout isn’t so much the size of the fish as it is the fight they put up once you’ve hooked them. Hence the reason for so many big tales about ‘the one that got away’ that have been passed around since time began. The Colorado cutthroat is not a large fish, but boy do they put on a fight. Every snag will be an adventure just being victorious in reeling that trout in. Spending an entire week just fly fishing for cutthroats at our Durango dude ranch is a popular vacation with anyone that loves fishing.

We have a selection of fly fishing excursions in our dude ranch package for those who are more interested in fishing than in horseback riding, but you can mix the two so easily too. We offer our guest ranch visitors both half day and full day fishing trips here on the Colorado Trails dude ranch and in the local area. There is also the opportunity to experience the best trout fishing in the world on a day long trek into New Mexico or enjoy float fishing on the Animas River.

The half day fly fishing trips on the Colorado Trails dude ranch resort will include access to over 2 miles of private fishing water on the Florida Rivers as it crosses our ranch property and a few other select spots nearby. Then there is the adventure of fishing the Animas River in Durango where gold medal trout fishing is an urban treat. Here are large browns and rainbow trout and an excellent fly fisherman’s activity.

The Florida River like all the mountain streams around the guest ranch is an excellent opportunity to try your hand at netting those well known cutthroat trout. Our dude ranch ponds are also well stocked with some great fish that you’ll have a fine time catching. There are a huge variety of places for you to learn or practice the excellent art of fly fishing for sport. You’ll never fish the same place twice unless you really want to. If you hit the same spot every day, the adventure wouldn’t stretch out over 7 lovely days of fishing fun. Come for the fly fishing vacation experience; enjoy great food and good times shared with people who love fishing as much as you do. You won’t be sorry you came, we guarantee it.