If you love to fly fish, you will find a little slice of heaven at Colorado Trails Ranch. Our dude ranch has over two miles of private water on the Florida River and access to cold mountain streams and rivers along with fully stocked private ranch ponds featuring some of the finest trout fishing in the state.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will experience a fly fishing vacation that you will never forget. The guest ranch offers experienced fishing guides that can teach beginners of all ages how to fly fish. If you are more of an experienced fishing guest, the guides can introduce you to some challenging fishing spots where you can put your skills to the test and get in some awesome fly fishing.

So, what are some tips you can use to have a successful fly fishing experience? First of all, don’t try too hard. A nice, easy cast is all that you need to catch fish. You will have better results if you try to catch fish that are within a 20 foot radius. Use a seven to eight foot rod and don’t cast out too far. Try to concentrate on accuracy more than distance.

Try not to overdo your backcast. If you overdo the backcast, your line can hit the water in back of you and scare the fish away from you. Stop your backcast when your rod reaches just behind your head and then cast forward. Try to avoid fly fishing when it is windy. If you do fish when it is windy, try to stand with the wind behind you and cast with the wind.

Our head angler has been with us over ten years with a passion and extensive knowledge for the fishing in the area. The guides can tell you which flies are catching the most fish and teach you the basics or help you to perfect your fly fishing technique. For any non-fisherman in your party, there are plenty of other activities to participate in when you book one of Colorado Trails Ranch all inclusive family vacations.

We hope to see you one day soon at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch for unforgettable fly fishing vacations and so much more!