At Colorado Trails Dude Ranch, we believe that fall is the perfect time for business retreats and company team building. Why is fall such a great time for corporate retreats at Colorado Trails? Here are five good reasons.

1. Fewer Distractions

Since childhood, we’ve been taught that summertime is for play. Whether splashing around in the pool or lounging in the sun, people seem to lose their serious, productive attitude when the weather starts getting warmer. When fall begins, your colleagues are naturally ready to get to work again.

2. It’s Quiet and Beautiful in the Fall

Colorado Trails is beautiful all year round, but the fall months make our ranch particularly serene and beautiful. The fall colors come out, the mountain air is crisp and clear, and Mother Nature herself seems to slow down her pace. This makes Colorado Trails the perfect place for a rejuvenating, peaceful business retreat.

3. Colorado Trails is an Environment that Means Business

Precisely because of the serenity of our ranch during the fall; your colleagues will be prepared to focus on the business at hand. Like you, we’ve heard some pretty wild stories about corporate retreats that were almost all retreat and no business. From Las Vegas debauchery to hotel room fiascos, many managers wonder if their last business retreat fostered anything other than hangovers. At Colorado Trails, we offer enjoyment and relaxation, but we also offer a mature environment conducive to getting your business done.

4. We Design Great Team-Building Programs

As a business retreat planner, you might be familiar with the idea of a ropes course. Ropes courses are designed to build teamwork and improve communication between coworkers. Now imagine doing a ropes course on horseback! Our team-building activities are one-of-a-kind and very effective in teaching your team to work together.

5. Your Team Will Leave Happy

By the time your business retreat at Colorado Trails ends, your team won’t want to go home, and they will ask you when the group will get to return. With just the right mix of business and pleasure, your retreat will get the results you intended, and the whole team will leave knowing they had a rich, meaningful business experience.