Durango, CO, February 5, 2010,

Arriving at Colorado Trails is an adventure in itself; each week’s guests come and leave at the same time. From our experience as a Western dude ranch, long lasting friendships are formed with that first meeting in the parking lot or lodge. Following a relaxing and rewarding seven days spent enjoying a rich horseback riding vacation complete with fly fishing, river rafting and all the campfire amenities, our guest ranch Colorado adventurists have an easy time staying in touch long after leaving our grounds. Most people come here for a family adventure vacation and discover an entirely new world during their stay.

We won’t say we are surprised; you just can’t beat the wonders of Western dude ranch surroundings like we have here at Colorado Trails Ranch to change your entire view on life. We are located far from bright lights and big city excitement. Life is simpler and people find it an easy to interact amidst the magic of the soaring mountains and the great depth of our guest ranch Colorado experience. Some come for the dude ranch scenario and discover there is so much more to explore and enjoy, others come to relax and we keep them all happy and having the time of their life.

Mixing your dude ranch riding experiences with learning the art of fly fishing on our 2 miles of private Florida River angling space will create the perfect mountain adventure. Horseback riding vacations and even fly fishing vacations are going to be very relaxing and fun filled here at Colorado Trails guest ranch. Colorado rivers are teeming with all kinds of trout. There is a lot more offered in the activities line up that make Colorado Trails the perfect vacation or guest ranch reunions destination. We have exciting fun programs and things to do for everyone from the youngsters to active seniors. No one leaves our dude ranch without being delighted they came to stay.

Western dancing is one of every week’s group of guest ranch Colorado visitors’ favorite evening activities for the whole family. It ranks right up there with our cowboy campfire sing-along nights and the cookout meal cooked and shared over open flames. Guest ranch reunions are superior experiences at Colorado trails. We cater to many different people with wonderful results. Adults are never left feeling guilty at having fun on our dude ranch. Kid programs are packed with fun filled activities for young ones, older kids and teenagers too. Swimming, petting zoo access and our Ruckus Room keep all stages of child development so busy having fun, they rarely miss their parents.

Dude ranch reunions and vacations are something no one will ever forget. No matter what reason your group arrives here for, everyone will have the time of their life. To learn more about booking guest ranch reunions or all inclusive family vacations, visit us at www.ColoradoTrails.com or give us a call at (877) 711-7843.