With summer starting to heat up, it’s time to finalize your plans for your annual summer family vacation. Maybe you haven’t made definite plans yet because you and your family members just can’t agree upon a vacation destination that pleases the whole family. Last year you went to the beach, which Mom and the kids loved but which Dad wasn’t too crazy about; the year before that you toured Europe, but this year you can’t really afford a big trip abroad.

Here’s one idea that might not have occurred to you yet: Plan your vacation for Colorado Trails dude ranch.

Something for Everybody

At Colorado Trails, we believe that we truly offer something for everyone. Our all-inclusive family vacations include horseback riding, fishing, hiking and plenty of other outdoor activities. There are age group-specific programs for kids ranging from 5 to 17, which allow the kids to go do their own thing while Mom and Dad have a chance to hang out with kids their own age.

Moms and Dads might want to sit on the cabin porch together to enjoy the fresh mountain air, sipping on coffee in the morning and wine in the evening. Alternatively, adults might want to soak in the hot tub or swim in the heated pool.

Interested in Western culture and history? You can get a taste of the Old West when you visit nearby Durango, CO. Originally a mining town, you can ride the historic train through the mountains before your visit to the ranch or catch the Durango Melodrama during your stay. For the Melodrama, we’ll even split the ticket cost with you and handle transportation to Durango from the ranch. During your stay your whole family will also have a blast learning how to square dance at the on-site dance hall.

Family Reunions

Colorado Trails Ranch is also a perfect spot for family reunions. We host family reunions at our guest ranch every year, along with weddings and other special family events. The best part about holding a family reunion at Colorado Trails is that you don’t have to think about planning all the family activities. You won’t have to cook, won’t have to work out the hotel accommodations and you won’t have to figure out how to keep everyone entertained all day long. Our staff will handle all the details; all you have to do is make sure that your family members show up for the reunion.

In short, Colorado Trails dude ranch in Durango, CO, is the perfect place for a family vacation or a family reunion. Call us or visit our website today to find out more information about discounts and scheduling your family vacation.